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Thursday, November 3, 2016

FIBA 2K16 Olympics Patch by DNAOBB

Hey fans! Finally FIBA 2K16 Olympics Patch have been released!!!

We support 2K developers. We admire their work, so we always buy the original game. Please, buy it and say NO to the piracy.
FIBA 2K16 is a free, fan-made add-on for the PC version of NBA 2K16. This is a PC modification created for fans of FIBA, 2K Sports games, and PC video gaming. 
A full conversion for NBA 2K16 (PC) with  the International Basketball Federation. This patch has a complete roster of all the Natioanl Teams and players from the Olympics RIO 2016.  We promote the values of respect and equality between countries in our favourite sport, the basketball  with the best basketball game "NBA 2K".

Team List:

76ers - Angola
Bucks - Lithuania
Bulls - Spain
Cavs - Argentina
Boston - Slovenia
Clippers - Russia
Memphis - China
Atlanta - Serbia
Heat - Croatia
Hornets - Canada
Utah - Brazil
Kings - Great Britain
Knicks - Venezuela
Lakers - Nigeria
Orlando - Greece
Dallas - Mexico
Nets - Germany
Denver - Bosnia
Pacers - Dominican Republic
Pelicans - France
Pistons - Italy
Toronto - Israel
Houston - Newe Zeland
Spurs - Puerto Rico
Suns - Poland
OKC - Philippines
Wolves - Belgium
Portland - Turkey
Warriors - Australia
Wizards - USA

*A lot of more FIBA Teams in Next Updates: Uruguay, Gibraltar, Wales, Senegal, Tunisia, Japan and more.

"FIBA 2K16 RIO 2016 Olympics Patch" is a free, fan-made add-on for the PC version of NBA 2K16. This is a PC modification created for fans of FIBA, 2K Sports games, and PC video gaming.
Created by Freq & Tonskie

Special Thanks to:
Chrisw Wang
Limnono (External Plugin)
Manni Live
Da InFaMous NY



1) You must have your NBA 2K16 updated with all Official Updates 1-9

2) Download all these files and extract  the content in your NBA 2K16 Folder Installation:


FIBA 2K16 "Logos" (13.2 Mb): Download Here

FIBA 2K16 "Rio Court" (783.56Mb): Download Here

FIBA 2K16 "Rio 2016 Mascot" (14.43Mb): Download Here

FIBA 2K16 "Molten Ball" (20.3Mb): Download Here

FIBA 2K16 "Jerseys" (137.3Mb): Download Here

FIBA 2K16 "Scoreboard" (0.64Mb): Download Here

UPDATE 1: Copy and replace the old files

FIBA 2K16 Olympics "Roster" Update 1: Downlaod Here
FIBA 2K16 "Jerseys" Update 1: Download Here

*Update 1 Content:
FIBA 2K16 Roster Update 1:
China, Nigeria, Spain, USA, Argenitina, France, Croatia, Brazil, Serbia, Australia, Venezuela and more updated
New Jerseys updated for USA, Spain and France.

UPDATE 2: Download Here

3) Download the FIBA 2K16 Roster

***This is a custom roster, so you must load in the game before to play.***

FIBA 2K16 Roster: Download Here



How to Install Roster in NBA 2K16 Steam Version:
  1. Download save game.
  2. Extract save game to <Steam-folder>\userdata\<user-id>\370240\


I can´t find my FIBA Team in the game
-Don´t worry, we will update this first version with more teams in next days

The roster is corrupt
Update your game with all official updates : here

Will have this game more teams in the future?
Of course, we are working in more teams to add them.


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