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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

NBA 2K17 DNA Ultimate Roster "LAKERS-MAGIC ´08-´09" FIX

        Big Thanks To 2kTons for this amazing fix

Download Add-On:

Whats New

1.)Fixed The Jerseys of 08' 09' Lakers And Orlando
2.)Their Default Floor

Remember, first you have to download DNA Ultimate Roster v3: 

If you have installed it, just download this Add-On by 2kTons and follow the next steps:

-Copy those Files on Modded
-Lakers Folder Drag Drop on Modded
-Orlando Folder Drag Drop on Modded
-Their Jersey Font and Number 
-All Files From Clothing Folder Must Drag Drop on

Roster Do whats Dna Tutorial
-copy roster0001

In GAmE Test

Play Now
Load Ultimate Roster v3.0
select team 08' 09 Lakers vs 08 09 Orlando
Play The GAme


Unknown said...

Now I followed everythin and when i am playin as lakers instead of staples center i get macabi arena, but everything else runs fine

Unknown said...

Yeah everything works fine but Spurs 2010-11 have the unics jersey and also at the lakers 09-10 i have barcelonas court :/