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Monday, April 10, 2017

NBA 2K17 Official Roster Update [Thread]


*The Official Roster Update is loaded automatically when you start the game.

1. Extract the RAR file
2. Copy and replace the folders to

Users\<your usename>\AppData\Roaming\Steam\CDX\385760
or to
NBA 2K17\OfflineStorage\User

Official Rosters Updates Links:

[NEW] (17-04-2017) - PlayOffs
Mediafire Link:



Unknown said...

why cant i still use kevin durant on golden state?

Anonymous said...

what password of rar?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

i dont have K.D to :(

Anonymous said...

Not working for CODEX .. SAD :(

SECRET said...

are you sure ? not working for codex ?

Anonymous said...

this is for codex. never ran to any problems with dna's uploads.

Anonymous said...

not working on 1.12 update

Anonymous said...

As i konw that Cavaliers Sign Dahntay Jones and Edy Tavares,but i can't see them
what' wrong

Anonymous said...

why 04-17-17 is corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Sir i cant dowload the file from is there anyn other way to obtain yhe update?thanks

Anonymous said...

Sir is the link to the 04-17-17 update broken? I cant access it

Unknown said...

Test with Codex Update 1.12 and everything is OK. You just need to:
- Extract file
- Move file SYNC.BIN from remote to local folder
- Move file rosterdescriptions from local to remote folder
- Copy 385760 folder to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\
- Enjoy!!!

mojomod said...

Hey tried your instructions but rosters is still not lading.

Anonymous said...

yes sir! why is it when you try to search for the saved roster file, it's not there. DNA said you have to load the game manually but where is the saved file? followed all the instructions. portraits are updated but the rosters, not.

Unknown said...

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HoodGamingTV said...

Thank you I will definitly use this for my next NBA 2k17 video. I'll more than likely promote this link to so my fans can know where to come! Thanks for this!