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Monday, September 11, 2017


"The biggest and most ambitious mod for NBA2K"


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//// Step 1) Files (All in One) 3.57 GB ////

Password: dnaobb

 //// Step 2) Roster Update ////

Steam users
Name: FIBA 2K17 PC MOD 
User: KraZStaR

*Offline users:
Download here:


- This mod contains more than 40 national teams. You can play your FIBA World Cup in a NBA 2K game.
- You will be able to play with 2 USA Classics Teams: USA 2012 (London) and USA 2014 (Spain)
- Beautiful recreation of the current Eurobasket 2017 with real dornas, courts, arenas, jerseys, Molten ball and a lot of new stuff. Also it contains courts for Americup 2017 and ASIA Cup 2017.
-New cyberfaces have been added: Cedi Osman, Mantas Kalnietis, Terrece Romeo, Japeth Aguilar and a lot of new players are present in FIBA 2K17.
-Special thanks to: eda, Manni Live, TBM, Lagoa, BLY, PeacemanNOT, advinxcola, exrixxx. RKJ, stetep1616, Modified2k, 2ktons and of course to the Filipino Community in general.

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Team List:
Official Team List:
1. 76ers - USA Scrimmage Team A
2. Bucks - Brazil
3. Bulls - Spain
4. Cavs - Venezuela
5. Boston - Lithuania
6. Clippers - Croatia
7. Memphis - Greece
8. Hawks - Russia
9. Heat - Germany
10. Hornets - Italy
11. Jazz - Australia
12. Kings - Puerto Rico
13. Knicks - Dominican Republic
14. Lakers - Senegal
15. Magic - Argentina
16. Mavs - Israel
17. Nets - Mexico
18. Nuggets - Czech Republic
19. Pacers - Bosnia and Herzegovina
20. Pelicans - USA Scrimmage Team B
21. Detroit - France
22. Raptors - Canada
23. Rockets - Turkey
24. Spurs - China
25. Suns - Macedonia
26. OKC - Gilas Pilipinas
27. Wolves - Slovenia
28. Portland - Serbia
29. Warriors - Poland
30. Wizards - USA
31. Alba Berlin - Montengro
32. Efes Istanbul - Hungary
33. CSKA - Nigeria
34. Emporio - USA Americup
35. Barcelona - Ukraine
36. Bayern - Latvia
37. Fenerbache - Finland
38. Galatasaray - Georgia
39. Laboral - Great Britain
40. Maccabi - Switzerland
41. Olympiacos - Belgium
42. Panathinaikos - Romania
43. Darussafa - World Cup 2014 USA 
44. Ratiopharm - Olympic 2012 USA



Anonymous said...

with player roster 10 years old....

Unknown said...

more power thnks for sharing... kudos!!! :)

Unknown said...

Update the roster of eurobasket teams!!! Greece has wrong roster with players who have retire please do something for european fans!!

Volkan Uzun said...

Great work! But roster need big update.. it have wrong and old (retired) players, not realistic ratings, line up, playbooks etc.. I can help for Turkey team..

nicky said...

It's says
C:\Users\nicky\Downloads\FIBA 2K17 PC MOD.part1.rar: Checksum error in the encrypted file FIBA\clothing\clothing_resource_u026phx_current_home_font.iff. Corrupt file or wrong password.
C:\Users\nicky\Downloads\FIBA 2K17 PC MOD.part2.rar: Checksum error in the encrypted file FIBA\face0129.iff. Corrupt file or wrong password.

Anonymous said...

Gracias por el mod, pero algunos rosters estan desactualizados.Igual muy buen trabajo.Donde podría conseguir un icono FIBA2K para el escritorio, en la pagina NLSC?saludos.

Unknown said...

yeap shity rosters with players that are present in 2k17 as Pappas(Panathinaikos)

Unknown said...

for unpacking need a password help me please

Unknown said...

dnaobb - pass

Unknown said...

guys please tell me what will i do on 385760 - this folder, i have steam version, roster didn't changed, help me ((

Anonymous said...

If you have a Steam version, just download it within the game.

Steam users
Name: FIBA 2K17 PC MOD
User: KraZStaR

jordan said...


NBAG33k said...

Cant download Arenas and Courts... Pls help!!

Unknown said...

Anyone know if this mod works on NBA2K18 or nba2k14?

liguria said...


offline rosters link does not work please reupload it if you can

thank you

kebs_sounds like_ebs said...

offline roster link is not working please re-upload

Anonymous said...

roster link please re upload

Unknown said...

I don't know how to install the part 1, pls. Help!! Thanks😎

Social Market said...

NBA 2K17 is that game in which the More team will come at there this game is the basketball game. The Items of this game is the same as the sports game because this is a sports Game.

Bruno said...

Roster link is cracked. Please fix it. Thanks.

mekko said...

Roster link not found pleasi fix

Bruno said...

Anybody have roster file to share?

Unknown said...

hello shuajota i want just to say thank you for this great work, but for offline user like 1ame, roster file don't work , please servers of 2k17 are shut down, so can you upload the like for roster file for offline user. thanks

Unknown said...

hello shuajota, i just want to say thank you for your great work on 2k17 ( fiba 2k17) and euro basket on nba 2k19. i play booth of game.
but on 2k17 i have problem, i can't download the roster file( i'm offline user) and servers of 2k17 are shut down. the link you provide don't work so please can you share with me please or re upload another link please
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Unknown said...

roster link for offline user please