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Friday, December 14, 2018

ACB 2K19 | Liga Endesa + Euroleague Patch | Announcement

We know there are a lot of euro fans around the world playing to NBA 2K19.
2K didn’t follow with Euroleague in NBA 2K games. So this is a big motivation for us, to create a great roster with Euroleague in NBA 2K19. In this team there are 5 members from Spain, so we will add the Liga Endesa (Spanish League) too.
We haven’t date release, because we will be working in this project during some months. So we don’t want pression about this, because we will release a mod with high quality. That’s is our aim.

To represent each team we will work in different areas, according to our skills.

-Shuajota: (Cyberfaces, Jerseys, Arenas, Ball, Misc)
-Maravich: (Cyberfaces)
-Iviliki: (Jerseys, Courts)
-Xemita99: (Logos, Arenas, Courts, Crowd, Misc)
-Rokas: (Roster)

The content of this roster patch is:

-Realistic roster for 30 teams (Liga Endesa + Euroleague)
-Accurate jerseys, arenas, courts, ball, logos, portraits, etc.
-Huge pack of cyberfaces.

We will post previews and information as we progress in said project! :D


  1. please include bayern münchen this year

  2. what about a BCL????? (Basketball champions league) :$

  3. are u gonna include Panathinaikos Opap?

  4. please make eurocup teams...

  5. Cuando estará mas o menos? Podeis hacer una estimación?

  6. So how is progress? when we can try it?

  7. Maybe u could stop doing those NBA rosters and cyberfaces for players, because nobody cares about it ant finish ACB 2k19, witch all people are waiting for???

  8. Come on shuajota realease the patch for euroleague!!!

  9. Make it already!!! Or maybe just can tell people when it will be released? ah, maybe when 2K realease NBA 2k20 then u realease patch for 2k19, thats bullshit