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Friday, December 14, 2018

FIBA 2K19 | World Cup 2019 China | Announcement

Next year the FIBA World Cup 2019 will take place in China. So I want to introduce you my project for this occasion: #FIBA2K19.
To create this roster I´m collecting important material from the FIBA Qualifiers, I mean database, pictures, and more. I want to recreate all with high quality, a precise work. I remember when I played to FIBA in 2K14. That was really enjoying, so my motivation this year is to elevate the FIBA experience to the next level since I improved my skills on 2K modding.
Maravich is known for a lot of users in 2K14 for his hard and excellent work on cyberfaces for FIBA Medevenx rosters in the past. He is too from Spain, so it will be a positive factor in our communication.

We have started to replicate cyberfaces, we haven´t date release like in ACB 2K19, but I can say this mod will be released before the competition starts.
 The atmosphere in terms of arenas, courts, jerseys, Molten ball etc will be accurate too like the cyberfaces. We want to create a big number of cfs for each National Team.
Another question is... What teams will be in this roster? Well, we will work on the 32 countries with place in China, but my idea is to expand the slots with 10 teams more.
That´s all for this moment, I will be posting previews to keep informed about our progress. I count on your support! :D


-Shuajota (Cyberfaces, roster, arenas, courts, jerseys, portraits, misc)
-Maravich (Cyberfaces)



Unknown said...

Yeah! That's cool :)

Anonymous said...

FIBA 2k19 !!!!!! SUPERB

Unknown said...

Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope every team will have real rosters and all players have cyberfaces. Then, it would be great. Good luck!

Kazuhito said...

please, include Japan in your list

Unknown said...

Please put Iran natinoal team in this mood too

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Hi Im from philippines how can i help you on your project?

do you need a list for your database for Philippine Team?


Shuajota said...

Thanks man, send us the roster and ratings by mail:

MrLonguinha17 said...

I have been following the NBA 2K mods since 2012, I have always liked the selections and also the European basketball (Euroleague, in the last years) ... I followed more closely the NBA games of EA Sport .. When they stopped producing for PC, the last which I bought was NBA Live 2010, which had the FIBA Nations Teams. I was able to simulate for a while the Olympic Games and the FIBA World, it was a lot of fun to play with friends. Who knows next year, NBA live back to the PC, and the NBA 2K, bring the custom tournament mode, would be very cool ..

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jammy said...

nice post man WatchCric Live Cricket Stream

Unknown said...

Definitely overdue for a FIBA World cup mode.

jhayar620 said...

plss make one for 2k14 fiba2k mod

Unknown said...

Hi i can help you with czech republic :)

Anonymous said...

when will it be release ???

Unknown said...

Is it released now???

Da said...