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Thursday, November 22, 2018

NBA 2K19 - [MAUMAU78's] Retro Roster 1.0 Released on Steam

Author: Maumau78

This MOD will add all 2003-04 Teams to NBA 2k19 with plenty of retro players; this is just a very first release so keep in mind that is just a BETA...some stuff like ratings and tendencies are not 100% accurate. 
Within this release you will get:

- 30 New Teams with accurate Jersey and Roster
- Retro Courts
- Retro Stadium with Retro Backboard & Rim Structure
- 80-100 new retro players like Gilbert Arenas, Stromile Swift, Kurt Thomas, Jeff McInnis, Tim Thomas,Darius Miles, Sheed, Reggie Miller, Kevin Ollie, Carlos Arroyo, etc etc

On next releases I plan to:

- Work on tendencies & ratings
- Remove Warm Up for Retro Teams
- Fix Coaches Names
- Add Specific Retro Arena
- Add more retro seasons in just one roster (not sure If next will be 1999 or 1996 season)

How To Install:

This is supposed to be a total conversion MOD so backup your waigua folder and also 841370 folder under Steam folder; 

Data Pack Base (waigua Folder) 1.6 Gb

Roster File / Folder 

roster name:MauMau78 Retro Roster


- Ksmiz [CE Tables]
- Manni Live [Courts]
- R4zoR [CF's and Retro Portrait]
- Injustice [Editor]
- BLY [CF's]
- D43 [Retro CAP and Support]
- Torogi [CF's]
- MLLR [CF's]
- PeaceManNOT [Jersey]
- Looyh [Scoreboard]
- Twist [Retro Crowd]
- Mr. Star [CF's]
- Santicruyff [Lighting Tutorials]
- Mickachiste [And1 Retro Shoes]
- Bongo [Lighting Tutorials]
- Shuajota [Jazz Black Alternate Jersey]
- Osiris11 [Variuos Stuff]
- EasyMoneySn1p3r [CF's]
- CF's Creators From Operation Sports

(I hope I mentioned all of them)

not 100% sure If I will release also on Steam Roster Sharing...I had many problems last year with updates...I will see what I can do


Skadoodle said...

Why don't you put out your roster file?

213 said...

no offline for this?

213 said...

no offline for this?