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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

NBA 2K19 - Kicksology 2.0 by seanbarkley

Shoe file (ver. 2.0) and layers file for those who want to keep their global and insert these layers manually.

- +550 shoe edits between models and colorways
- These ARE NOT created shoes, just shoes edited (colorways, color blocks, models…) so all the slots for created shoes are free.
- All the new colorways I’ve added to different models have their own picture.
- +10 shoe model color blocks have been switched to reflect real life models
- All these shoe files have been added/edited taking into account the models players have been wearing the last couple of months, so basically reflect current NBA shoe models.
- Non editable shoes (Puma, Li-Ning…) have been edited.
- NEW in 2.0 - Added new patterns to create custom colorways. Thanks a lot to Marvin00 for his help and his layers.

Roster file (ver. 2.0) (Roster: SB Kicksology User: seanbarkley) or

- To reflect all these shoe additions I’ve decided to apply all of them to a roster file I was in need of. It’s a current (29.01.2019) injury free roster file:
- Every team ideal rotation has been fixed
- Players locked with wrong shoe brands have been fixed
- Every player accessory/shoe has been updated to reflect the way they look at this moment.