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Saturday, September 21, 2019

NBA 2K20 Hook v1.5.4 by Looyh

Download: Click Here

put "d3d11.dll" and "NBA2K_Hook.dll" into your NBA2K20 folder, and run game once, it will automatically create NBA2K_Hook/config.txt

2019-09-14 | v1.4
* Add: "Force Display Photos"

2019-09-19 | v1.5
* Add: "Modder Tool GUI" (add CurrentPlayerInfo: real time and no need to load roster)
Press F8 to display menu, (or run once, and edit NBA2K_Hook/config.json "modder"->"status" 0 to 1, default to display)

2019-09-20 | v1.5.2 / 2019-09-21 | v1.5.3 & v1.5.4
* Add: Roster Data Load(Avoid being overwritten). Default enabled (NBA2K_Hook/config.txt: "global"->"rostercustomdata")
* changed config.json to a txt, and disabled GUI as default(NBA2K_Hook/config.txt: "gui"->"enabled" change to 1 to Inject GUI)* if GUI make your game crash, just disable it.
* v1.5.4: Roster Stadium Data

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Anonymous said...

Hi, what is the purpose of this hook?