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Saturday, October 5, 2019

NBA 2K20 Hook v1.7.4 by Looyh

Download: Click Here

> put "NBA2K_Hook(folder)" , "d3d11.dll" and "NBA2K_Hook.dll" into your NBA2K20 folder
> The menu GUI is disabled by default(edit NBA2K_Hook/config.txt: "gui"->"enabled": 0 change to 1 to Inject GUI)!! (if GUI make your game crash, just disable it.) | Press F8 to display the menu

2019-09-22 23:22| v1.5.6
* Added: "Quick Game & 2KU(v1.5.6 updated) default team Reset"(Avoid Different Roster Make The Game Crash On QuickGame&2KU mode)
* <disabled by default> run game once(to update the config file), NBA2K_Hook/config.txt: "global"->"quickgamereset" change to 1 to enable

2019-09-30 23:57 | v1.7.0
Added: Mods Loading takes precedence over SYNC !! (The Best way, No need to "replace strings" like last year(NBA2K_Launcher) )
* Menu GUI: Added, Language pack(NBA2K_Hook/lang.txt); Added, Setting switches(Need to restart game to apply change)
* Load Team Files(In developing)
* v1.7.1: 2k changed logic of Player Photo after Patch 1.05. so Fixed the Force Display Photos for Patch 1.05

2019-10-02 23:07 | v1.7.3
* ["Mods Takes Precedence Over SYNC.BIN"]Bug fixed for MC Park crash(on loading)

2019-10-05 13:16 | v1.7.4
* ["Mods Takes Precedence Over SYNC.BIN"]Bug fixed for MC Park crash(on street or sometimes)


Bumblekid said...

my game immediately crash when I put this on

ronald_dost said...

My game just ruined because of this mod. MyGM cannot save my current gameplay result. And the occassional replay isn't working anymore.