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Friday, December 20, 2019

NBA 2K20 [seanbarkley] KICKSOLOGY

Sup folks! Let's come straight to the point:

- This work is a continuation from what I started last year, so the big majority of what was there is still there, but with A LOT of new stuff.
- In total there're +750 shoe edits with a lot of new models, colorways... so I invite you to take a look and discover it all.
- +40 shoe model color blocks have been switched to reflect real life models.
- As last year, the latest shoe files have been added/edited taking into account the models players have been wearing the last couple of months, so basically reflect current NBA shoe models.


The lack of time that I'm having this year almost persuade me from keeping this project alive, but my love for it and a lot of missing sleep hours helped me to complete it. The bad part is that this year I won't have the time to update the project as much as I'd like, so I won't release a roster file.
As a special gift for those who donate I'll be releasing some special shoe colorways here and there, so stay tuned


- 1.1 includes those shoes added with 2K last update: Nike Kyrie 6, Nike Alphadunk, Kobe AD NXT Fast Fit and UA Spawn Low 2. UA Spawn Low 2 model has been fixed so it can change colors depending on team colors.

- 2.0 includes complete overhaul of Nike Kyrie 6 (2 variations - 1 replaces the Nike Air Force 1 Low) with a lot of colorways. Overhaul of Nike Kobe AD NXT Fast Fit + a couple of colorways. 2 models for donators - Nike Kobe 4 FTB and Nike Kyrie 2 Multicolor

- 3.0 includes the creation of Nike Kobe 4 Wizenard which replace the Nike Flight Bonafide with 7 available colorways. Added Dinwiddie's K8iros shoe model from last year. 2 models for donators - Nike Hyperdunk X Jokic PE and Nike Kyrie 5 Pineapple House
- 3.1 fixed a glitch which made Li-Ning Way of Wade 7 disappear


1. Download and install NBA2K-Hook by Looyh Thanks a lot to Looyh for his stunning tool!! 
1. Download shoe file
2. Unzip the file, copy what is inside waigua folder and paste it inside your waigua/modded folder.
3. done!
* for those who want to keep their global file, Install layer files from inside the layers folder. Copy the layers and insert them into your global.iff file (which should be inside your waigua/modded folder).

I couldn't hadn't the time to upload pictures to show the different colorways, so if you do me the favor to upload photos showing your favorite ones I'd be very grateful.

As long as you give me credit you can use the roster and stuff for the projects you want. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Shuajota ! Thanks for this upload (: but can you upload the 3.0 version, please ? I think some colorways missing in the 3.1...

dhduck said...

Can you raise the 4.0 roaster?