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Monday, July 27, 2020

NBA 2K20 2020 Bubble Playoffs Mod (2.0 LED Walls are Dornas!) by natkra90

Download: Click Here

How to Install it?

Author Note
Original Thread: Visit Here

bongo88: TNT Scoreboard, ESPN Breakboard, Studio Show conversions
DEIBYS: Realistic backboard color enhancements
ernel2014: TNT Breakboard
GPPatrol: ESPN Scoreboard
Looyh: ESPN Wipe and Basket Template
martoluthor: Helped DEIBYS with the backboard color enhancements
TwisT: Studio Shows
zondac12: Basket

Most of the textures have been altered by me to be relevant to the Playoffs.

Download 2.0 High Quality: ... fs.7z/file

Download 1.0.6 Lower Quality (Some PC's can't handle the entire stadium acting as a massive dorna box, so the lower quality will stay at 1.0.6) ... 29.7z/file

Compatible with the default roster.

Works with All-In-One Retro Mod. Just copy to your game folder.

Made everything dornas. Now textures can change throughout the game for the walls and all the dornas with the exception of two walls that need to be transparent for the cameras.
Made the other two walls dynamic as well to be changed for the entirety of the game based on the home team. Info to mod it with your own textures here:
Recreated the Playoff dorna package in version 1 for the upgraded stadium.

Imported DEIBYS Realistic backboard color enhancements + I enhanced backboard NBA/USA Flag logos. (Also thanks to martoluthor for helping)
Adjusted position of the court.
Shrunk model of electric plugs to keep from intruding with camera mods.
Corrected player indicator glitches.

Added baskets created by zondac12 from template made by Looyh.
Added a lower quality version for those who don't have "next-gen" specs on their PC. (Shrunk down all massive textures to 1/4 their original size).

Changed the stadium to look like what was revealed Tuesday.

Added new court

Added Dornas from last year's Playoff game footage.
Added Instructions with how to use parts of the mod if you'd like as well. (If you only want the broadcast packages for example)

Fixed arrows pointing at who to guard. They were blinking rapidly.


jonas said...

hi, will the version 2.0 display team logo based on home team? or is it only showing #nbawholenewgame

Shuajota said...

Actually it shows #nbawholenewgame but the author is going to make a new version for every NBA team. Follow his official thread on NLSC.

jonas said...

ok,looking forward to it. thank you for quick reply.

gid said...

why is my nba2k is crashing before game start?