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Friday, September 4, 2020

It´s 2KDay, NBA 2K21 Out Now.

It´s 2KDay and the new version of the official NBA videogame, NBA 2K21, is out now. This year there will be two different versions, one for the current generation, and a different one for the next generation of consoles.

 It is true that the current version is related to its previous version. At the graphic level we have an experience very similar to NBA 2K20, with a careful and highly detailed design. But with certain improvements in the gameplay and games modes as anticipated by Mike Wang, known on Twitter as @beluba a few days ago. A very important section that improves the gaming experience substantially.

If you want to know the new features in depth, I invite you to read the different articles recently published by journalist Brian Mazique on Forbes if you click here.

We will have to wait to know more details of the version of the next generation. It will be a videogame created from scratch, and the future is promising. 

I hope you have a happy 2KDay and enjoy with NBA2K21.

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