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Sunday, September 20, 2020

NBA 2K21 Billows Global v1.0


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Author´s note:

I personally feel that the sweat and muscle texture of the original version of 2k21 is already very good, I just modified it slightly according to my preferences.
Regarding the issue of sweating speed, let me talk about the current change in sweating speed. I only know that increasing the amount of sweating can slightly increase the sweating speed, but at the same time the third stage of sweating is too oily, I don't like it. I think the current amount and speed of sweating are okay, so don't privately trust me to change things about sweating. And if there is anyone who knows how to increase the sweating speed without increasing the amount of sweating, I hope you can enlighten me. 

*sweat Keep most of the sweating trajectory of the original file, and increase the sweating trajectory and sweat intensity of the back of the hand, forehead, nose tip, underarm, leg curve, outer forearm, around the clavicle of the thoracic cavity, and back erect neck 
*eye The whites of the eyes have lowered the brightness and added a little cyan. The bloodshot eyes are retracted a bit, and you can see a little when you squint All the eyeball maps have been reworked.

*Muscle texture Considering that these normal maps will be applied to all players, slightly modified on the original basis, adding some details and slightly enhancing the texture 
*Headband Closer to the nearest hairband texture 
*Mouth and teeth have been slightly modified This is a subjective production. If you have a rational opinion, please comment in the comment area, but if you have a more intense opinion, please remember that it must be you.

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