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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

NBA 2K21 How to Install CFs After Official Patch 1.03


I recently showed you with a video tutorial how to install cyberfaces in NBA 2K21 via cheat engine with a player edit table created by ksmiz. 

Yesterday, 2K released an official patch 1.03 with massive fixes and improvements, you can  check them here. After this patch 1.03, the cheat engine table to edit player doesn´t work. Therefore the solution is to replace the exe and manifest (both files) from  v1.00 with your current files. You can download both files with the link below.

Download Steam Backup v1.0: Click Here

(This solution only works for Steam users. I don´t support offline copies.)

It is important that you make a backup of your updated files before replacing to be able to return to version 1.03 whenever you want.

Remember that you have at your disposal a document here with a complete CFID list so that you can check what cfs are in the NBA 2K21 files and you can use them with my tutorial on your roster.

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