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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

NBA 2K21 ReShade Ultra Quality Patch v9.0 SK1Q84

 SK1Q84 shares with us a new update of his ReShade Quality Patch. This new version 9.0 adds massive improvements. The film grain is increased, and the colors are brighter. This version uses LevelsPlus and Lightroom filters. An excellent work that considerably improves the NBA 2K21 experience in current gen.

1. First install version 1.0, including ReShade_Setup_4.7.0, follow the prompts to install, select the DX version, select the game application, and the next step (as shown in the picture The quality components are not clear, operate according to the installation diagram, all obsessive-compulsive disorder can be selected). Because the download is linked to the official website of ReShade (external network), the download is interrupted or failed. Try a few more times and hang up a VPN to solve it. In short, it depends on your network. All filters are included in version 4.0, just cover it on the basis of 1.0.
2. Cut and copy the reshade-shaders folder and SK1Q84.ini parameter file in the compressed package to the main directory of the game and replace the default file.
3. Enter the game, press the shortcut key (the default is the "HOME" key) to call up the ReShade menu and select the SK1Q84 parameter file to start. Start shortcut keys can be modified.

The preview picture, installation diagram, and installation instruction demonstration video are as above.
Image attachment size is limited. The picture was degraded during the uploading process, and the preview picture became slag quality. You can only make do with the demo video above. The real machine is amazing.
There are also preview images in the download package, and the picture quality is better.

Follow the same steps to install. If it has been successfully installed, there will be an option to select "Upgrade" and "Uninstall", just uninstall.
Finally, delete my SK1Q84 parameter file and the reshade-shaders folder (if any) in the folder.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— ————————————————— If you

want to communicate directly with the author or try out the MOD in production, you can add a QQ group.
SK1Q84 game discussion group-945932660
recommend games, share experience, share patches.

———————————————————————————————————————————————— —————————————————

2020.9.17 Notebook users added that

some notebook players may encounter some problems. First, explain that it is not the problem of the image quality patch, but the problem of your notebook machine model. .
Possible solution:
first set windowing in the game , not full screen. If the image quality patch has been installed, directly press the following operation.
How to modify the windowing resolution?
C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K21
Notepad open VideoSettings.cfg and change the resolution value.
"WINDOWMODE": 1, 1Open windowing 0 Close windowing
Save and exit.
The resolution can be anything, whatever the ratio you want.
1.0 The main body + parameter file contains the ReShade 4.7.0 installation package
For the first installation, you must install ReShade 1.0 first. But the default installation is fine, no need to select additional filters!
For subsequent upgrades, directly decompress and overwrite the previous version.

The directory where the game program is located, the genuine version is Steam\steamapps\common\NBA 2K21 by default.
Note that it is not in the Mods folder.

A new version has been made and some light and shadow maps have been modified.
All filters are included in the compressed package. In other words, if you reinstall ReShade, you can install it by default, and you don't need to select additional filters.
Mainly for players who like bright colors and strong image quality.

The menu can choose to turn on or off two adaptation options.
CA (increase the visual effects of the host)
ColourFulness (colorful) is

recommended to match michaelvlutz49-NBA 2K21-30 team courts with high-definition light and shadow effect.
Just a parameter file. Just cover it on the basis of 4.0.
Adjusted to turn on/off some filters. Reduced exposure. More suitable for N card light chase effect.
See above for new screenshots with light chase effect. Especially the floor is reflective. (The quality of uploading pictures is degraded. The preview image is actually good.) I
forgot whether I changed the shortcut keys. If Home is invalid, try the keypad + -.
Adapt to   NBA 2K21-Newly designed All-Star floor-Tribute to Mamba!
Download link:

Adjusted some light and shadow details.
Those who haven't installed this stadium can ignore it .
Increase the film effect, strengthen the light and shadow levels and dark details.
Upgrade order 1.0+4.0+7.0

Major Update
Download v1.0: Click Here
Download v4.0: Click Here
Download v5.0: Click Here
Download v6.0: Click Here
Download v7.0: Click Here
Download v8.0: Click Here

Download v9.0: Click Here

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Anonymous said...

I want to thank you guys and you SK1Q84 those Reshade works like a charm and it's so beautiful transforms the visuals a lot, who cares for the next-gen with this gem and btw can I do a vid for my channel with a game or two and ad, of course, the link here and info for you again thank you so much, your hard work is very much appreciated bro.???🙌👏👍👌🍻