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Friday, October 9, 2020

NBA 2K21 Revised the All-League Roster v10.8 by mancel

Download: Click Here

mancel´s note:

V10.8: The action modification of the current players in the league is completed, except for the clay figure The most weird encounter should be TJ McConnell. The 1.8-meter guard had all 14 dunks. It is estimated that he spent money to find 2K. The action will be optimized later, friends with good suggestions can comment, and follow-up will be updated to the new list.

Modify the shooting actions and free throw actions of players in the league rotation.
Optimize some sneakers, headbands and positions.
I hope more friends can comment.

Friends who don’t know me can read my 20 posts. The
list was also started from 2k12. At that time, I was also a thug for the list author, but now many authors don't do it, so I do it myself.
There will be more modifications in the future. No way, I am a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder. If I don’t change it, I have no fun, but I will only modify the active service, only the active service, and only the active service.
Friends who like it can join the group to discuss: 1156348114
do it for free now, and see later.

How to use:
I am a cracked version, please Baidu for the location.
Download the hook, thanks to the moderator.
Install the latest patch and find it yourself.

Some clay figures of warriors have changed their numbers due to transplanting some works of 20, so they may get stuck when opening them. It is recommended to change the face number to 1.

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