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Thursday, October 22, 2020

NBA 2K21/2K20 Marko Guduric Cyberface by Shuajota

Download: Click Here
*It includes a version compatible with NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K20.
ID: 7894
I recommend you to assign him his ID with NBA 2K Tools, you can get it here


Anonymous said...

Please add lance stephenson, nick young, david west, mario chalmers, shaun livingston, jonas jerebko, andrew bogut, jeremy lin converted to 2k21 ! Thank you very much SHUAJOTA!

Shuajota said...

Those cfs are already in NBA 2K21 files.
Use NBA2K Tools to assign them (Here you have a tutorial by me:
Lance Stephenson - 1840
Nick Young - 1425
David West - 1030
Mario Chalmers - 1526
Shaun Livingston - 1153
Jonas Jerebko - 1648
Andrew Bogut - 1526
Jeremy Lin - 1894

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !

Anonymous said...

Do you have a list of the cyberfaces in the game ?

Shuajota said...

It´s in the video description and also here on my website:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! You're the man !

Anonymous said...

File Link broken. :(((