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Thursday, October 22, 2020

NBA2K21 Fantasy Star V1.2.2 by Aleczou (Chinese Version)


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It has been seven years since the last software release. Thank you all for your support! Due to busy work, it has not continued in recent years. This time the Lakers won the championship, this software was specially made on a whim to share with everyone.

1. Unlock game editor, hidden options, custom list, unlock action, pause dunk action preview, height limit, teammate score A+, cancel pause, player must hit the shot, dominate, full physical strength, park fancy dribble unlock Etc.; one-click repair of the clay figure with full body photos; can be used for subsequent save and load operations by setting the configuration name;
2. Player modification: including free agent, current player, creating player, creating rookie (entering rookie list), match Middle players, potential rookies (after entering various modes). You can modify player information, attributes, badges, tendencies, hot spots, actions, equipment, contracts, data, etc. The configuration can be saved and imported directly later. Can be cloned, select the required project to load; MC mode can select player conversion in the player list;
3. Team: including basic information, city, arena, lineup, staff, jerseys, records, retired jerseys, business, salary management, etc. ;
4. Awards: including NBA records, season awards, hall of fame, best of the month, best of the week;
5. Name: including surname, first name, city, nationality (university) voice code modification;
6. Draft: including draft, Historical draft teams, rookie signings;
7. Special: Special team lineup modification (not sure where this lineup appears, you need to change the All-Star lineup to the All-Star interface modification), the battle data between the teams;
8. All-Star : Including all-star venues, all-star lineups, US/world teams, three-point dunk contest players, after entering the three-point dunk contest, the scoring interface will automatically appear;
9. Schedule: season matchups, jerseys can be modified, one-click adjustment Schedule time;
10. Competition: you can modify the player data, physical strength, dominance, time, section, MC score, game speed, fatigue, injury, shooting must hit, game rules, etc.;
11. Career: You can modify your name, face-to-face, media name, playing time, fans, chemistry, data awards, sponsorship, template name, draft score (due to game settings, the top pick in the story must not be you), agent , Trial team, water bottle (including name, team logo, color), can synchronize the first-year regular season data to non-simulated data, comprehensive review 95, full sponsorship, automatic filling of modeling attributes, and maximum salary quotation;
12. Legendary manager: skill points, scores, experience, levels, action points, skills, awards, mood trust, trophies, etc.;
13. Settings: various settings (some of the game interfaces that cannot be seen have not yet tested effectiveness), game balance.
Software instructions (must see):
1. This software is completely free, do not buy;
2. The software may report a virus, if you trust it, add it to the trust in the anti-virus software;
3. Do not use it for online functions, please use it with caution , Otherwise the consequences are at your own risk;
4. It is recommended to backup and archive tests for the first use;
5. It is not recommended to modify some functions, especially the ID, if you modify it, you can double-click the background picture to unlock;
6. It is recommended to fill in the homepage configuration for the first use for later saving and reading Get data;
7. If you need to display player photos, you can open it in the upper right corner menu and create a photo cache;
8. Because the loading configuration function will synchronize almost all the content of the current interface, it is recommended to separately determine whether there are any that do not need to be synchronized. Modify it manually if any;
9. The custom list is only recommended to be opened when opening a new file, and closed after opening a new file. It is recommended to uncheck the box after entering the new game mode, otherwise the list will be synchronized when switching to another mode or the main interface;
10. The clay figurine repair only repairs those with actual photos;
11. It is not recommended to modify the original team in the draft (you need to ensure that each team has the original signature in each round), you can consider modifying only the draft team, other changes need to follow the draft signature Trading rules, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes;
12. The schedule can be adjusted directly with one key; if it is modified separately, it must be ensured that the modified game time does not exceed the range of the first to the last game (after entering each mode, the unplayed game shall not be earlier than the latest game, but Right-click the list to locate the latest session), click the schedule after the modification is over, then check the schedule, if there is a prompt, adjust the positioning of the game, modify the number of the simultaneous segment (the repeated number will be adjusted later, and numbered in order), modify Then repeat the schedule arrangement-check the schedule until there is no prompt; in the schedule option, the schedules other than the regular season are not sure where they appear and can not be modified temporarily;
13. The synchronized non-analog data in the career mode is only synchronized to Before the first year of the playoffs, subsequent changes are not recommended;
14. Happy gaming!

Update log: V1.2.1 (20201021)
1. Fix the problem that some games indicate that the game has not been loaded.
2. Fix the problem that the maximum salary cannot be used.

V1.2 (20201021)
1. Support the game to version 1.04
2. Modify the read game Version logic
3. Fix the bug that sometimes fails when shooting on the homepage.

V1.1 (20201020)
1. Added open park fancy dribble, random park fancy dribble, MC protective gear repair (not tested)
2. Adjust the remaining number of timeouts Remaining timeouts for home/away
games 3. Fix the bug that the selection box is not unlocked after the match
4. Fix the 1.03 full sponsorship bug
5. Fix the 1.03 game version of the game rule bug

V1.0 official version (20201019)
1. Support the game to version 1.03
. 2. Add schedule sorting and schedule check to the schedule
. 3. Delete the draft save/load function
. 4. Fix some functions that cause the game to exit bug
5. Fix the bug that MC player names, social media names, etc. read errors.
6. The home page description can be double-clicked to show/hide the

V1.0 beta version (20201017)
1. All function modifications (only support game version 1.0)

Photo.rar (available Optional) After downloading, unzip it to the software directory, or directly generate the software without downloading.

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