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How To Install Mods (NBA 2K17/18/19)

If you want to install mods in NBA 2K19, you need the external file plugin. You can download it here: 


To install  mods in NBA 2K17  you have to download the External File Plug-in.
Link: External File Plugin

1. Extract the .rar file
2. Copy all the contents of the .rar file inside your NBA 2K17 Folder
3. Voila. Place all your mods inside the Modded Folder

(This is an example of my Modded folder. In (1) I place most of my mods (cyberfaces, portraits, courts, stadiums, jerseys, stanchions, presentations, etc). For (2/Dornas folder), this is where I place my dorna files. For (3/Clothing folder), this is where I place clothing files (example of a clothing file is clothing_resource_u016orl_alt2_home_font.iff)

How do I install Player Portraits?

Step 1: Download any of my player portrait mods
Step 2: Copy all the .iff files onto your Modded Folder inside your NBA 2K17 folder
Step 3: Inside your NBA 2K17 folder, look for the file named option.ini

(Look for this file)
Step 5: Open this file using a text-editing software (ex: Notepad)
Step 6: Replace Qiangzhizhaopian=0 to Qiangzhizhaopian=1

(It should look like this)
Step 7: Save the file
Step 8: Run the game and enjoy!

Thanks to IronKnight for this tutorial. 


  1. where or how to find the missing CF in some players?

  2. some player portraits are missing.

  3. Please.. where do you put the Roster files? i dont have steam btw

  4. howe do i install roster on codex version pls help

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. wheres the option.ini folder place?

  7. how do i add cyberfaces for a draft class?

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