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Friday, February 3, 2017


College Hoops 2K17 Demo
College Hoops 2K17
Roster: College Hoops 2k17 Demo
ID: OnegreatracerNLSC
This mod will turn your NBA 2K17 into an NCAA game completely.
You will feel the college experience adding more than 30 teams in the final version, with their logos, jerseys, jerseys selection, courts, stadiums, official ball, scoreboard and rosters. Hopefully we will be able to get this mod out before the March Madness begins. We hope that the community can continue to support us and the future of College Hoops.

Team Members Include:

Shuajota - Jerseys,Logos,misc
Manni Live - Courts, Stadiums, Scoreboard misc
TBM - Stadiums, Courts, misc
Onegreatrace - Rosters, misc

So far they're 30 teams as of now. They include
1 Miami Hurricanes
2 Lousville
3 Florida State
4 Baylor
5 Syracuse 
6 Villanova
7 Uccon
8 Wisconsin
9 North Carolina
10 Duke
11 Kansas State
12 Florida
13 Michigan Ann Arbor
14 Kentucky
15 Creighton
16 Xavier
17 Notre Dame
18 Wichita State
19 George Town
20 Gonzaga
21 Ohio State
22 Texas
23 Butler
24 Virginia
26 Oregon
27 Illinois State
28 Kansas
29 Arizona
30 LSU - Euroleague Team

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