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Sunday, April 15, 2018

NBA 2K18 DNA Ultimate Roster [Playoffs Edition - Daily Updates] RELEASED

DNA´s Roster Playoffs Update 04-17-2018 RELEASED!

NBA and NBA G-LEAGUE, in the same roster.
You can feel the real NBA with my roster with the best cfs, arenas, courts, dornas, accesories, stats, all trades and more fun content!


1. DNAOBB´s Userdata Files (Roster Update)
Contains the  Roster files: Sync and Roster0001
*ATTENTION:You have to download the Roster and the mods below.

Steam users
Download it from 2K Servers:
User: KraZStaR
Name: DNA Ultimate Roster

Offline Roster

Version: 1.1
Release Date: April 17, 2018

*Changelog 04-17-2018:
- Updated lineups and rotations for OKC and Utah Jazz
- Updated accesories for Royce O´Neale

Base Changelog:
- Accurate lineups and rotations for all the 30 NBA teams.
More than 150 unlocked free agents
- Huge pack with new faces and face updates for a lot of players.
- Accurate arenas and courts with new dornas
- FOX Scoreboard with Watermark
- New portraits with actions photos for a lot of players and the last trades.
- New ball texture
- New physics for nets and players.

2. DNAOBB´s Main Directory Files (Mods) (5.6 GB)
Contains the Courts, Arenas, Scoreboard, Logos, Cyberfaces, Jerseys, Portraits, Global, Dornas, Watermark and Shoes files.

*Extract the content of each rar in your main installation NBA 2K18 folder. It already includes the external file plugin with "waigua" folder.


1. Is it compatible with PS4 or Xbox One?
No, it's only for PC.

2. Does this roster load automatically?
No, this is a customized roster and you need to load it manually.
3. Will you have more updates in the future?
Yes, the roster will be updated regularly.
4. Does the NBA G-League have fictitious players?
In a first version, yes, it will be updated little by little.
5. I do not see the previews jerseys of the NBA G-League
Yes, they will be added in future updates.
6. Is the roster compatible with MyLeague and MyGM?
Yes, but to play it in MyGM you must use limnono.

How to load the roster manually?

*Check the updated Changelog: here
*Check the Cyberface List: here
*Check the Portrait List: here

Thanks to:
Courts and Arenas for all the 30 NBA teams - Thanks to Lagoa, magnuz, sixers85 jhb420returns, Manni Live and summer1994.
Scoreboard: Thanks to looyh, exrxixxx and bongo88
Cyberfaces and tattoos: Shuajota, YG13, rockprince23, RKJ, Modified2k and The Daemon.
Tutorials and cheat tables: TGsoGood and CarolusXCI
Tools: Limnono and Greg
Roster: Thanks to Kaunietis22 in the creation of some new players.

// This version is compatible with Steam users and Offline users (1.05 update required) //
Note for users: 
I'm a steam user, if you have not an original copy of the game NBA 2K18 I can not guarantee that my mod will work 100%. So I recommend you buy it.


Gemilan said...

Hi, I want to fix the All-Star jerseys for offline (codex) version, any chance ?

Unknown said...

yes fix that pls

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duran said...

What is the difference between this and old one ? I mean the old one this

Duran said...

Should we copy this update on the old one or just download and use only this ?

Shuajota said...

You only need this roster and the DNAOBB´s Main Directory Files.

Duran said...

Then I dont need previous ones ( DNAOBB'S main files ).If so,thank you.

Duran said...

Lastly,where can I find 1.05 update ?

Unknown said...

New Jersey doesn't work man
Everything is great

Anonymous said...

please check main directory files. It says its corrupted after the download.

Unknown said...

What is the password for the zip file please

Dofas said...


Unknown said...

link doesn't work

Unknown said...

is the DNAOBB´s Main Directory Files (Mods) (5.6 GB) same as the DNAOBB´s Main Directory Files 1 to 13 before? Do i need to download this 5.6GB?

Unknown said...

can you give another link for the roster? i can't seem to download the file with the main link, it says it's blocked by firewall or something like that

Unknown said...

can you upload it to google drive?

Unknown said...

DOnt download this.....if u download and use this data,then u cant able to change your mods like cyberface,portraits,etc,,,,even if u try to paste in your waigue folder

anon said...

daily updates???

Unknown said...

How come when I use this mod and when I play nba all time great teams. Rose body in the Chicago Bulls Roster is not him he has white body and the face is not him?

Unknown said...

no lonzo ball in the lakers mate. great work btw :)

Unknown said...

link isn't working

Unknown said...

add curry pls

Unknown said...

This is a great update thank you

Forbidden said...

Why do I have to install some add on to google chrome to download this? Can you upload to the google drive like you did on your main files? I dont feel comfortable installing this SD APP program on my PC. Thanks!

Unknown said...

man it needed password for the roster? what is the password?

Unknown said...


Vatsalya Singh said...

where do i save the roster file?

Burak Salvation said...

2. DNAOBB´s Main Directory Files (Mods) (5.6 GB) ---

There is a mistake in Portland Trail Blazers and Detroit Pistons basketball hall.
how can i fix it?

Randy Edwards said...

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Vatsalya Singh said...

why is there no Steph curry and Lonzo ball? ricky rubio's appearance is incorrect. Alex Caruso is black for some reason. Plus many player's portraits are wrong. can you please fix these? otherwise a great job, definitely needed this.

maicon said...

link to blocked download file for offline users

Unknown said...

link broken help please!!!

Unknown said...

is this the same as DNA ultimate roster?

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Anonymous said...

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