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Friday, October 19, 2018

Support PBA 2K19 Project - Donations / Shuajota´s Note

Hey, I'm Shuajota I've been modding with NBA 2K for 3 years and I have a great community of fans from the Philippines. I know that in past years, in NBA 2K14 there was a PBA mod. It is a dream for many Filipinos to be able to play the league of their country in NBA 2K19, with graphics of current generation.
I have enough knowledge to develop it, I have learned a lot in these months, but my time is limited. And since I'm not Filipino, I'm Spanish, I need extra motivation for this project. I will never put payment mods, but this time I will put a donation link. I need to see the great support behind this to make it real.

Developing a PBA mod requires a lot of time, developing rosters, logos, jerseys, cyberfaces etc and it´s hard because there isn´t good stuff on the interent about these teams. So this increase the level of difficulty. Therefore these donations "would pay" that time invested by me for you.
This is the link for donations:

A part of this, also you can send me reference pictures to make cfs, jerseys and more to my mail:
If I get a big support with this, you will have a PBA 2K19 for this NBA 2K19 game.

Regards and much love,



BBB said...

You will get the downloads but I doubt if these Filipinos will "donate" to you (Since most of them have pirated versions of NBA 2K19). Better work on FIBA instead of their PBA league.

esteban said...

waiting fiba 2k19 :()

Anonymous said...

salamat (thanks) shuajota

Anonymous said...

we are willing to donate if you include updated nba2k19.exe & manifest to every game patch you share��

Shuajota said...

I´m working on FIBA too.

Shuajota said...

I´m working on FIBA too. Be patient.

anonymous said...

That's right

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

You're right. 2k14 is the last pba mod. We are longing to find pba 2k19 mod. Hoping to find one soon. More power to the great modders!


hey bro im filipino plss give your best to pba2k19