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Thursday, February 28, 2019

NBA 2K19 - Progress on Euroleague Patch [New Cyberfaces #1]

Nikola Kalinic (Fenerbahçe Istanbul)

Hi guys, this post is only to show you my progress on cyberfaces for my Euroleague Patch on NBA 2K19 with my Shuajota´s Realistic Roster.
My goal is to recreate the definitive Euroleague experience in a videogame with all the cyberfaces. Just be patient, because this project is really huge. It´s the biggest thing for me on modding but it will be worth it!

  Nikos Pappas (Panathinaikos Athens)

Ioannis Papapetrou (Panathinaikos Athens)

Matt Lojeski (Panathinaikos Athens)

Briante Weber (Olympiacos Piraeus)

Thomas Heurtel (FC Barcelona)

Roland Smits (FC Barcelona)


  1. in Fenerbahce Istanbul Marko Guduric isn't in the team can you add him too ?

  2. Will you make Budućnost Podgorica

  3. i dont know about anyone else, but my preference is that you first do the rosters and leave those cf for the future

  4. sorry if i'm out of topic , can you download this lavine? thx man

  5. Do you make completely new cfaces, or you convert them from the ACB 2k18?

  6. The 2K18 cfs are not compatible this year. I´m making all of them from the scratch and now I learnt more, so the final result is better :)