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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Talking about the Euroleague Mod for NBA 2K19 #EURO2K19

Hey guys, It´s me, Shuajota. In this video I talk you about my biggest project since I began on the modding for 2K videogames. With this modded roster I recreate all the Euroleague competition with the 16 teams in NBA 2K for PC. With accurate cyberfaces, uniforms, logos, rosters, arenas, courts and more! I will release the first version next Friday 05.17.2019 on my website. My team and I will continue updating this huge project with more content with regularly updates.


  1. I think you should adjust Zalgiris rosters a bit, wolters is top 3 player in the club and second leading scorer, so i think you should make him higher and Davies who is all euroleague first team should be a bit higher :D

  2. As I said in this video, I repeat again... The portraits and ratings are not finished please, we will finish that stuff this week before release it. Do you hear me guys when I talk? :)

  3. Will be FIBA mod included in EuroMod in the future or it will be seperate mod ?

  4. FIBA 2K19 will be another big mod, separately.

  5. you are the best. i am waiting ......