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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

FIBA 2K19 PC MOD Announcement

This mod will be my biggest project.

NBA 2K20 has already been officially announced, and the life of NBA 2K19 is coming to an end. But this summer, basketball, that sport that we all love with madness, is in luck this summer. The celebration of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup will take place in China and after my three years on modding, I have the necessary strength and the knowledge to recreate in great detail this basketball festival that will unite 32 countries.

You probably know my work with the cyberfaces, NBA rosters and one of my biggest projects, the Euroleague roster (EURO 2K19 PC Mod).
Everything I have learned to date, I will use it to create my most ambitious project this year that I announced in advance.
I've been in the shadow for months, creating material for this project, while continuing to update the NBA Roster 2019-2020, but this one especially makes me very excited to present it because it will be something totally different.

Much of the material I created for the Euroleague roster will be used in FIBA ​​Roster. It has been and will be a long process project, which I will continue developing this month and in August. My intention is to release it at the end of next month, with the start of the tournament.

This roster will count with the 32 national teams, with custom arenas, Molten ball, official scoreboard, accurate uniforms and for first time, in a game of current generation, a huge package of cyberfaces for all these countries. My goal is to overcome the 300 cyberfaces, so we will have the best experience.
Stay tune guys, I will let you know the progress and previews very soon. And I hope you enjoy it.