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Sunday, March 15, 2020

PC Basket 2K20 Update v1.1 Released

PC Basket Update v1.1 

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We are proud to announce a major update for the PC Basket 2K20 project. Multiple improvements to continue improving this roster. Below we detail the most notable changes.
-NBA and Euroleague have been completely updated to date 03.13.2020.

-Ratings, tendencies and signatures have been fixed for NBA and Euroleague players.

-Long-lasting injuries have been added for some players.

-60 new nationalities have been added and corrected for players.

-Some textures and lighting for Euroleague arenas have been corrected.

-New cyberfaces for NBA and Euroleague players have been fixed and added. For example: Vincent Poirier (Celtics), Chris Silva (Heat), Marko Guduric (Grizzlies), Nicolo Melli (Pelicans), 
Anzejs Pasecniks (Wizards), Drew Crawford (Milan), Dejan Davidovac (Crvena Zvezda), Nikola Jovanovic (Crvena Zvezda), Howard Sant-Ross (CSKA Moscow), Angelo Caloiaro (Maccabi Tel Aviv), 
Octavius Ellis (Olympiacos Piraeus) and Shaquille McKissic (Olympiacos Piraeus).

-Realistic sneakers for Euroleague players have been added. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:This update brings improvements to NBA and Euroleague. You must re-download waigua folder all in one and the roster.
 We are still working on ACB and Eurocup for a future update. Hopefully you are aware of the effort and time involved. 
We will keep you informed of progress for future updates.


Estamos orgullosos de anunciar una actualización importante para el proyecto PC Basket 2K20. Multiples mejoras para seguir mejorando este roster. A continuación os detallamos los cambios más notables.
-La NBA y Euroliga ha sido completamente actualizada a la fecha 13.03.2020.

-Se han actualizado ratings, tendencias y firmas para los jugadores de la NBA y Euroliga.

-Se han añadido lesiones de larga duración para algunos jugadores.

-Se han añadido y corregido 60 nuevas nacionalidades para los jugadores.

-Se han arreglado algunas texturas e iluminación para los estadios de Euroliga.

-Se han añadido y mejorado nuevas caras. Como por ejemplo para: Vincent Poirier (Celtics), Chris Silva (Heat), Marko Guduric (Grizzlies), Nicolo Melli (Pelicans), 
Anzejs Pasecniks (Wizards), Drew Crawford (Milan), Dejan Davidovac (Crvena Zvezda), Nikola Jovanovic (Crvena Zvezda), Howard Sant-Ross (CSKA Moscow), Angelo Caloiaro (Maccabi Tel Aviv), 
Octavius Ellis (Olympiacos Piraeus) and Shaquille McKissic (Olympiacos Piraeus).

-Se han añadido zapatillas reales para los jugadores de Euroliga.

NOTA IMPORTANTE: Esta actualización trae mejoras para NBA y Euroliga. Es obligatorio volver a descargar la carpeta waigua y el roster para que los cambios se lleven a cabo.
Continuamos trabajando en ACB y Eurocup para una futura actualización. Esperamos que séais conscientes del tiempo y esfuerzo que requiere crear algo así. Os mantendremos informados del progreso
para futuras actualizaciones.


Unknown said...

Do not forget to add Moraschini to AX Milano cause he was not included and new signing for Olympiacos Dwight Buycks! :)

Adrián Cañada said...

We already added them.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job, thank you! I really hope that people realize how much effort and time this asks, and what are you doing for nba2k fans to make it best as possible. Much respect for you guys, cant wait for an update. I just hope you fixed in this update something that was (for me) biggest issue and thats shoot meter, it was hard to play without it. Once again respect for you guys and thanks a lot!

eumil25 said...

Realism mod please!!!!! Thank u,, more power!

Anonymous said...

too slow download

Unknown said...

Thanks for the hard work put on this. Love from Italy!

P.S.: I can't wait for the Eurocup to arrive ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Shuajota thanks for this nice work that you share with us. I want to ask you after this update in the stadiums OAKA and SEF (OLYMPIAKOS) the banners that scroll during the game are black. They don't scroll and write TURKISH AIRLINES or OTHER SPONSORS. Do I have to do by my self something or will be a fix for that? (I mean the adboards front of the teams bench). sorry for my English

Anonymous said...

Hi, when i load up my game the teams players,names doesnt change but if i edit player it shows the euroleague jersey what should i do?


Link Alternatif Kapal4D
Buah Merah Delima

Shuajota said...

*Anonymous you have to load the roster manually.

Shuajota said...

Thanks *Anonymous, yes I know that bug. After last 2k official patch we can´t overwrite the IDs for dornas. Looyh released a new version of his hook file. So we will configure it with the next update with the ACB and Eurocup teams. Thanks for the info man.

Shuajota said...

Thanks Unknown! Love from Spain and good luck in Italy with the coronavirus.

Luis J. Benítez said...

Any way to fix the shoot meter? i love your work but for a newbe is not fun to shoot blind.

Luis J. Benítez said...

Well, after playing with the settings it worked. just changed the shot meter to white. i dont know if it was fixed by changing the settings or just by the color of the meter. try it.

L.Banic said...

I installed all properly and when i load roster it show teams, players, arenas, scoreboard and ball but not jersey. What to do, help please! Sorry for my english.

Shuajota said...

Hi L.Banic,
Do you have steam version? And...Did you extracted all the content from waigua rar? Because I inlcuded hook file and it fix jerseys in game.

Anonymous said...

hello Shuajota, is there a date for new update?

Shuajota said...

We are working hard on a huge update with 42 european teams and 40 FIBA national teams. I will let you know a specific date soon.

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 the answer, just one thing..is it possibile to have cyberface of eithan Happ(a great potential talent) he will comeback to olympiacos

Anonymous said...

How to play exhibition game with injured players, like Spanoulis, Vildoza, Garino..?