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Monday, June 22, 2020

NBA 2K20 Draft Class 2020 by Shuajota and Unique Mazique

NBA 2K20 - Draft Class 2020 


STEP 1. Draft Class (Roster File):
Steam info

Name: UniJota

User: Shuajota

Offline Backup version
Download Here

STEP 2. Waigua (Modded Files): 

Server 1. Google Drive: Download Here
Server 2. MEGA: Download Here

CF ID List: Click Here

Instructions: Extract all the rar content in your main installation folder of your NBA 2K20. After this, search in game the draft class roster and save it locally.

*This Draft Class has been created by Shuajota and Unique Mazique. It contains 60 accurate cyberfaces and ratings.

Forbes article: Read Here

NBA Mock Draft 2020 - Powered by NBA 2K20 - Realistic Cyberface Draft Class

The ratings for the players were left in a base condition meaning the details of every player weren’t run through a system or filter to ensure statistical authencity. The reason this was handle this way is because some users prefer ultra-realistic ratings that are based on the player’s stats from college or international competition. If the ratings were handled that way, the players most mocked to go in the Top 3 wouldn’t necessarily be picked in those spots. For example, LaMelo Ball shot under 30 percent from three-point range in Australia, as a point guard, that will keep his ratings from being high enough to be a Top 3 pick as most expect him to be.

Other users like the draft in their MyLeague to be as close to what they will see in real life. Because there are a couple of ways to go, the ratings were left with just a base in place, meaning you won’t have to completely re-rate someone from top to bottom, but you will have the freedom to change any ratings for every player in the draft class. As you can see from the images above, I did a mock draft with the class and the results were pretty interesting. The Detroit Pistons took Ball with the No. 2 pick after the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Obi Toppin No. 1.



Unknown said...

Love it did some nice work. Are you gonna do another for 2021 draft?

FUJ said...

all my players are invisible. Can you help me out?

Shuajota said...

Probably you didn´t install waigua folder correctly. You have to extract all the content from the rar file in your waigua folder.

Unknown said...

hi it says in the 2k loading screen, the roster file is corrupted. pls help bro

Anonymous said...

some players are invisible pls help

Anonymous said...

Just use the latest roster backup to fix roster file is corrupted

Unknown said...

some player are invisible

Shuajota said...

That´s not correct. Do you think I'm going to publish a project with errors like that? No, you are probably using an outdated and illegal copy of the game. In that case, I highly recommend you buy it and all your mistakes will be fixed.

Anonymous said...

All the players are invisible

Anonymous said...

Any fix for the invisible players?

Anonymous said...

I have legal version, extracted everything correctly and all my players are also invisible

Blackreaper01 said...

i cant find the draft class roster in saves file

Unknown said...

The game is crashing when I put the files in the "common" folder of 2k

Turet said...

all my players are invisible, can you help me out?

Shuajota said...

You need to play with Steam version and install correctly waigua folder. You need to extrat those dlls files included in the package.

Cesar said...

Is it possible to patch this draft class to 2k19 version ?