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Saturday, September 19, 2020

NBA 2K21 Hook + Mods Folder (Waigua) v0.04 Beta by Looyh

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Addded: create modded file without manifest & modded files override SYNC.BIN
Fixed: crash for some users when game launch & v0.0.3 not working for some win7 users


anonymous said...

Why are the 3pt line and sidelines not aligned with the court mods?

Shuajota said...

What? You probably downloaded a wrong mod.

anonymous said...

No i am just asking a general question. The three point arcs dont align properly in the court mods so it affects gameplay. If you have installed a court mod just go to 2kU>freestyle and turn on hot zones and you will see that the 3 point arcs dont align with hot zone lines.

Unknown said...

Hello, how can I use cyberfaces in 2k21? I'd love to get an answer, thank you.

Shuajota said...

I will do a tutorial very soon on YouTube.