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Monday, November 30, 2020

NBA 2K21 Fictional Draft Class With Faces | Years 1-3 Updated | by Jeek313



62+ players per draft class, all of them with custom fictional cyberfaces made by me. Beards & arm tattoos often included!
- All player attributes are based on real players' DNA, with some tweaks to make them unique and to balance out the talent distribution. This means everyone will have sensible tendencies, rather than a completely random nonsensical mess that doesn't match with their attributes.
- I do my best to get rid of nonsensical accessories (e.g. straps over leg sleeves)
- There will be busts - players that peak early, ball hawks with good individual stats but bad team play. It's up to you to identify them and avoid them.
- There will be valuable role players to be found in the 2nd round of the draft. Even players with low ratings can be reliable contributors.

How to install:

1) If you don't have it yet, install the NBA 2K21 Hook with External File feature:

2) Download the cyberface pack (download link at the bottom of this post) and extract it to .../NBA 2K21/Mods/

3) Search for my draft class in-game either by username (Jeek313) OR by filename (Fictional With Faces Yr1Fictional With Faces Yr2Fictional With Faces Yr3)


Unknown said...


Shuajota said...

Steam users.

Unknown said...

Dang can anybody share? Need a draft class like this. Or can I just use the cyberfaces to create my own draft class?

Anonymous said...

I hope you can also include in the download the draft class file so that the offline ML players can also use this. Thank you, more power to your website

Shuajota said...

I´m not the author, he just uploaded the steam version. So I can´t upload its offline version. But you guys can use the cyberfaces included in this rar and create your own fictional draft class-

Unknown said...

Is there a tutorial how to do this? Thank you very much for your help