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Thursday, November 12, 2020

NBA 2K21 Requires a Minimum of 150 GB Storage on PS5


Credit: robo3687s NBA2K21 PS5 cover

One of the main problems that we can find in the PlayStation 5 system is the limited amount of storage space. For now, Sony confirms that PS5 will not support SSD storage expansion at launch.  PS5 has a slot dedicated theoretically to a standard M.2 SSD which is easy to access, but this slot will be disabled until a future update according to Sony in an interview with The Verge.

With that said, early fans who have received their copy of NBA 2K21 for PS5 have stated that basketball sim eats up a lot of space on the SSD. Thanks to the user robo3687 we have been able to know that on the back of the NBA 2K21 cover it indicates that we will need to have a minimum 150GB of free space.  Will have to properly manage our space when we start installing games in our library, since other games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will require 133GB of Free Space on PS5 (95GB on PS4).

Credit: robo3687s NBA2K21 PS5 cover

The new generation brings better video games with a higher level of detail. The space necessary for the installation of video games can almost double the space we were used to due to a load of heavier textures. Hopefully, once Sony allows us to use the alternate space slot this problem will not worry us as it can now.

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