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Sunday, November 8, 2020

PCBasket 2K: 20-21 Season Update 3.0 Courtside Report

Hi! I am Shuajota! Today, I have the pleasure of presenting you a project for NBA2K  in which we have been working for more than 1 year. 

At the end of 2019, we started a project that we called "PCBasket'' for NBA 2K20. We wanted to do something revolutionary. The reason for calling it PCBasket is to pay tribute to a manager video game created by spanish developers who had great success in Spain in the 90s. Secondly, to combine the best basketball in a very general concept "Basket": NBA, the main competitions in Europe and national teams (FIBA). PCBasket is not a simple roster but that the purpose of this roster is to faithfully reflect european and the  best international basketball simulator NBA 2K.

Not counting the NBA which is the best league in the world, in Europe we have one of the most demanding levels of basketball, where we can find very talented and intelligent players where fans are very passionate. Euroleague, Eurocup and BCL are considered the toughest continental competitions in Europe at a professional level.  Unfortunately we cannot enjoy it in an official video game.

Here is where PCBasket plays a leading role because with this custom roster you will have at our disposal the NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, BCL, ACB and FIBA teams.  New 101 teams are distributed in 3 categories that I will detail later. So far, we have released two versions that have been a beta of what we want to do. However without a doubt the jump in quality comes from the hand of the 3rd version, where you will experience a substantial improvement in all terms.

Euroleague is included in PCBasket2K roster with 2020-2021 rosters

Creating more than 100 new teams from scratch is not an easy task and it would not have been possible without the help of some incredible guys like Arnau13, Iviliki, Saruman, Xemita99, ErMapale, Uspar and Krazstar.  I also want to thank you Looyh for his fantastic 2K editing tools which has made editing easier. I don't want to forget TGSoGood, a guy who regularly contributes to the NBA 2K community with numerous tutorials and he is the one who inspired me to begin designing renders. Also, thanks to MonkeyMan, Gregkwaste, TwisT, who have contributed with their work in some way.  Dee4Three, who really spreads the passion for basketball and statistics wherever you can read him. I can assure you that without passion for what we do, it would have been impossible to do a huge project.

Credit: NBA2KTools on NBA2K by Looyh. It shows Euroleague and Eurocup teams

We have done a research exercise to reflect every team in the most realistic way.  We have always kept in mind the logic in terms of levels since these new teams coexist with the NBA teams on the same roster. We have studied how 2K makes use of the ratings and have adapted them to European and international basketball so that the game experience is totally different and faithful to reality.

ACB (Spanish league is included in PCBasket2K roster)

We know many of you have asked me if this project will be available for NBA 2K21.  Actually the answer is no for various reasons I will explain at the end of this article, in which you know some of them.  First of all, we want to finish what we started. We cannot move to a new version and leave something incomplete.  It is not something professional and unethically and I do not see it appropriate  because there are many users who trust us. 

And secondly, transferring this is not simple, think that we have invested hundreds of hours on different aspects on this roster, that cannot be transferred with 2KTools such as the creation of CAP, and the non-compatibility of arenas, scoreboards and cyberfaces.

We will not rule out the idea, but honestly we prefer to focus on having a 100% complete project. This doesn't mean that I don't work on NBA 2K21, I intend to release some renders and complete a historical roster sometime next year. But the scenario in NBA 2K21 PC version is very different from the one in Next Gen, since NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 of the current generation are very similar, and the time taken for the conversion is not worth it. The number of teams that we want to represent is vast, so when the whole process is finished I will almost certainly decide to focus on NBA 2K22, which will most likely be Next Gen on PC. Because after all, we don't do this professionally and each of us has our own personal affairs. 

So, as this depends on our free time, release times are uncertain, and may take longer than expected, but we always want the highest quality. I can assure you that after months and hundreds of hours invested in this version 3.0 is the closest thing to an "official product". Therefore we cannot say an exact release date, but we will try to have it as soon as possible. Our goal would be to have it ready by the end of December.

Below I detail each aspect of the new version:

1. Teams - 143 

PCBasket includes all 30 NBA teams, 12 WNBA teams, 56 European teams from Euroleague, Eurocup, Basketball Champions League and ACB (Spain) and 45 FIBA national teams. In this way the roster will be 100% completed making use of all available team slots. NBA teams will be updated regularly.

This year, the COVID-19 has altered the schedules and we will have to wait to have the new rosters with the new rookies and transactions. European teams will be 100% updated to the 2020-2021 season, each of them will have a minimum of 15 players with their updated uniforms and arenas.  And FIBA teams rosters are based on FIBA World Cup China 2019. Here you can see the full list of new teams:

 List of European teams (56): 

List of FIBA ​​countries (45):

2. Players - More than 3000 players (Ratings, Contracts, Tendencies, Signatures...)

The PCBasket database is huge. A full-fledged basketball guide. More than 3000 players will be present in this 3rd version. Ratings are always a controversial topic. Maybe somewhat subjective in certain respects but we have tried to reflect each player based on their current stats.  NBA and European basketball keep their similarities, but at the same time they are two different views of what we understand by basketball. 

Therefore, the experience has to be different when you play with these european teams.  To do this, we have created our own formula, following a logic regarding the work done by 2K. Its elaboration process has been meticulous so that the experience is as realistic as possible. We have also corrected and updated the ratings for the 2020-2021 season, as well as including accurate tendencies and signatures for many players.

Realistic Euroleague experience with PCBasket 3.0

Contracts are an essential part of MyLeague and MyGM. But it is something that is not available to fans, unless we are talking about top players like Mirotic, Larkin, Shved, Llull among others. Of which we can know their salaries with greater accuracy.  To do this, we have relied on the information provided by the International Basketball Manager 2019-2020 videogame that has been developed by U-Play online and you can find here. Very valuable information that will allow us to stipulate the salaries for each player.

4. Audio - Callnames

We have taken care of the smallest detail, and audio is an important aspect for user immersion. We have added audios from NBA 2K14. Now you will hear how the commentators mention the names of the European teams and players, giving an incredible realism. 

5. Cyberfaces - More than new 550 player likeness 

If there is one aspect that differentiates the console version from the PC version, that is the ability to add faces to the players. For those of you who know me, I am passionate about recreating 3D renders. Seeing your favorite player with a real face is a unique sensation. I cannot say exactly how many hours I have spent designing CFs, it has been hundreds of hours and a lot of coffee, but I want this to be perfect. Therefore, for this new version I have redesigned many of my previous works and created new ones (Over 550 at the moment) with greater detail and precision where I try to simulate "by hand" a facial scan like the one carried out by 2K.

Ericksson, Shengelia, Loyd, Hines and Davies.

6. Uniforms - More than 300 

We have added the new uniforms for the 2020-2021 season. We will also keep some from last season as extra uniforms. For NBA teams, uniforms will be converted from the NBA 2K21 version, so all uniforms added by 2K in the following months will be included in this roster.

There will be no excusesto wear your team with your favorite jersey. In this 3rd version there will be more than 300 new uniforms

7. Arenas - More than 40 (New cities)

In version 3.0, each team will have their own court, and 40 of them will have a specific arena. New models have been included to create a unique environment. In addition, as an exclusive feature, each team will have their dornas with their sponsors. 

Playing at home or in the rival arena will be a special experience. In addition, the different venues of the chinese cities that hosted the Basketball World Cup have been included. If this were not enough, new cities have been added. This information will appear at the beginning of the games.

8. Menu and Portraits 

In version 3.0 we wanted to take this project to the next level, and we have taken care of aspects of art such as the interface and the visual experience. For this we have added a redesigned menu and portraits (player images) in the database to give a greater immersion. 

Payton Siva (Alba Berlin)
Lorenzo Brown (Fenerbahce Istanbul)
Dogus Balbay (Efes Istanbul)

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this roster available only in NBA 2K20? Will it be available for NBA 2K21? 

A1- This roster is currently exclusive to NBA 2K20 for the following reasons: 

a. The main reason is to want to finish what we started, so our short-term goal is to finish this project 100% in NBA 2K20

b. It is a huge project, we are dedicating hundreds of hours and transferring it will require more hours than we do not have at the moment, our personal life does not allow it.  There is still a lot to do and I think it is convenient to focus all the time on improving this roster before starting again. 

c. NBA 2K20 offers a deeper level of editing compared to NBA 2K21. Because Looyh's Hook tool in its 2K20 version is more complete, since it allows us to assign specific elements to every team. So the PCBasket concept would lose part of its essence in 2K21. I'm talking about being able to assign different balls, scoreboards, referee shirts, TV channels, etc. as we have been able to do in 2K20. 

All the content related to the competition to which each team belongs will be uploaded to create a unique atmosphere.. Actually this is not possible in 2K21. So the smartest idea is to continue in NBA 2K20 and have a 100% complete roster and make the leap in NBA 2K22, which is most likely next gen on PC next year.

 d. Many PC players have chosen to continue in NBA 2K20 due to the lack of major improvements in current generation of NBA 2K21, and currently NBA 2K20 can be bought at a really cheap price, so it does not make much sense to think about transferring the roster if it requires investing a lot of time.

NBA 2K14 in 2020 remains a perfect alternative due to the large amount of work done by the community. NBA 2K20 can be considered the perfect substitute to enjoy with the new teams.

Q2. Is version 3.0 the latest version?

A2 - The third version will arrive to establish itself as the stable version of this project. Once released, we will be adding small updates regularly adding new content regarding new cyberfaces and roster updates.

To follow the whole process I recommend you follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shuajota

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shuajota/



(En español)

¡Hola! Soy Shuajota, y hoy tengo el placer de presentaros un proyecto para NBA2K, en cual llevamos trabajando más de un año, y os asegurará diversión para rato.

A finales de 2019, empezamos un proyecto al que denominamos "PCBasket" para NBA 2K20. Queríamos hacer de este concepto algo revolucionario. El motivo de llamarlo PCBasket  fue dar tributo a un manager creado por desarrolladores españoles que tuvo un gran éxito en España en los 90s que se hacía llamar con el mismo nombre, y en segundo lugar, aunar en un concepto muy general "Basket" el mejor baloncesto: NBA, las principales competiciones de Europa y selecciones nacionales (FIBA).

Podemos decir que PCBasket no es simplemente un roster sin más, sino que el próposito de este roster es reflejar fielmente el baloncesto europeo y nacional en el mejor simulador de baloncesto: NBA 2K.
Sin contar la NBA, que es la mejor liga del mundo, en Europa encontramos uno de los niveles de baloncesto más exigente, donde podemos encontrar a jugadores muy talentosos e inteligentes y fans que sienten pasión por sus equipos. De este modo, la Euroleague, Eurocup y BCL son consideradas las competiciones continentales más duras a nivel profesional y que lamentablemente no podemos disfrutar en un videojuego de maneral oficial. 

Y aquí es donde PCBasket juega un papel protagonista, ya que gracias a este roster personalizado tendremos a nuestra disposición los equipos de la NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, BCL, ACB y FIBA. 101 nuevos equipos distribuidos en 3 categorías que detallaré más adelante.
Hasta el momento, hemos liberado dos versiones que han supuesto un anticipo de lo que queremos hacer. Pero sin lugar a dudas el salto en calidad viene de la mano de la tercera versión. Donde experimentaréis una mejora sustancial en todos los términos.

Crear 100 equipos desde cero no es una tarea fácil, y eso no hubiese sido posible sin la ayuda de unos chicos increíbles como son Arnau13, iviliki, saruman, xemita99, ErMapale, Uspar y Krazstar. 
También queremos agradecer a Looyh por su trabajo en la creación de una herramienta como es NBA 2KTools que ha facilitado el trabajo de edición. 
También agradecer a MonkeyMan, gregkwaste, TwisT, Ksmiz, quienes de alguna manera han contribuido en este proyecto.
Personalmente no quiero olvidar a TGSoGood, un chico que regularmente contribuye con numerosos tutoriales para la Comunidad de NBA2K, y que fue quien me inspiró en mi andadura como creador de cyberfaces. y a Dee4Three, un chico quien realmente contagia el amor por el baloncesto y las estadísticas allá por donde puedas leerle.

Hemos hecho un ejercicio de investigación para reflejar a cada equipo de la manera más realista. Y siempre teniendo presente la lógica en cuanto a niveles, ya que estos nuevos equipos conviven con los equipos NBA en el mismo roster.  Para ello hemos estudiando cómo 2K hace uso de los ratings y los hemos adaptado al baloncesto europeo e internacional para que la experiencia de juego sea totalmente diferente y fiel a la realidad.

Sabemos que muchos de vosotros nos preguntáis si dicho roster estará disponible para NBA 2K21. Y actualmente la respuesta es no. Debido a varias razones detalladas al final de este artículo. Pero os podemos avanzar desde ya, que queremos finalizar lo que empezamos y no dejar algo a medias.  Y en segundo lugar, transferir dicho proyecto no es sencillo, ya que hemos invertido innumerables horas en aspectos que no pueden transferirse con NBA 2KTools, como son la creación de rostros genéricos, y la no compatibilidad de estadios, marcadores, caras, etc.

Por el momento preferimos centrarnos al 100% en completar el proyecto. Eso no indica a nivel personal que yo no aporte trabajos para NBA 2K21. Tengo la intención de lanzar algunas caras y un roster histórico a lo largo del 2021. Pero el escenario en NBA 2K21 de actual generación es muy diferente al que propone 2K21 de nueva generación.
Realmente las diferencias en la actual generación entre NBA 2K20 y NBA 2K21 no son tan abismales como para convertir todo esto que tanto tiempo nos ha llevado. 

La gran cantidad de equipos que queremos representar es muy amplia y estaremos trabajando en ello a lo largo del 2021. Y muy probablemente una vez lo finalicemos, quiera centrarme en NBA 2K22 de PC que presumiblemente será de nueva generación y habrá un notable salto de calidad.
Al depender esto de nuestro tiempo libre,  los tiempos de lanzamiento son inciertos, y pueden demorarse más de lo previsto pero siempre queremos la más alta calidad. Puedo aseguraros que después de meses y centenares de horas invertidas en esto la versión 3.0 es lo más similar a un "producto oficial" cuyo grueso intentaremos dejar listo para finales del próximo mes de Diciembre.

A continuación os detallo cada aspecto de la nueva versión:

1. Equipos - 143
PCBasket incluye los 30 equipos de la NBA, los 12 de WNBA, 56 equipos europeos de Euroleague, Eurocup, Basketball Champions League y ACB (España) y 45 selecciones nacionales FIBA. De este modo el roster estará 100% completo haciendo uso de todos los slots de equipos disponibles. 

Los equipos NBA serán actualizados regularmente. Este año, el COVID-19 ha alterado los horarios y tendremos que esperar para tener los nuevos rosters con los nuevos rookies y transacciones.
Los equipos europeos estarán actualizados al 100% a la temporada 2020-2021, cada uno de ellos tendrá un mínimo de 15 jugadores con sus uniformes y arenas actualizados.  
Aquí la lista completa de equipos europeos:

Lista de equipos Europeos (56):
Lista de países FIBA (45):

2. Ratings - Más de 3000 jugadores
La base de datos de PCBasket es enorme. Una guía baloncestística en toda regla. Más de 3000 jugadores estarán presentes en la versión 3.0.
Los ratings siempre es siempre un tema polémico. Quizás algo subjetivo en ciertos aspectos pero hemos tratado de reflejar a cada jugador en base a sus estadísticas reales. 
La NBA y el baloncesto europeo guardan sus similitudes, pero al mismo tiempo son dos visiones diferentes de lo que entendemos por baloncesto. Por ello, la experiencia ha de ser diferente cuando juegues con estos equipos europeos.
Para ello, hemos creado nuestra propia fórmula, siguiendo una lógica respecto al trabajo realizado por 2K. Su elaboración ha sido minuciosa para que la experiencia sea lo más realista posible.
En esta nueva versión 3.0 hemos corregido y actualizado los ratings para la temporada 2020-2021, además de incluir tendencias y movimientos para muchos jugadores. 

3. Audio
Hemos cuidado el más mínimo detalle, y el audio es un aspecto importante para la inmersión del usuario.  Para ello hemos añadido audios procedentes de NBA 2K14.
Ahora escucharás cómo los comentaristas mencionan los nombres de los equipos y jugadores europeos, dando un realismo increíble.

4. Cyberfaces - Más de 550 caras creadas desde cero
Si hay un aspecto que diferencia la versión de consolas con la versión de PC, es la posibilidad de añadir caras a los jugadores. Para aquellos que me conozcan, soy un apasionado de recrear rostros en 3D. Ver a tu jugador favorito con cara en juego es una sensación única. No sabría decir con exactitud cuántas horas he dedicado al diseño de cfs, han sido cientos de horas y mucho café, pero quiero que esto sea perfecto. Por ello, para esta nueva versión he rediseñado muchas de mis caras anteriores y he creado nuevas (Más de 550 en este momento) con un mayor detalle y precisión en comparación con mis versiones anteriores.

5. Uniformes - Más de 300
Hemos añadido los nuevos uniformes de la temporada 2020-2021, así como conservado muchos de los incluidos de la última temporada. No hay excusas para vestir a tu equipo con tu uniforme favorito. En la versión 3.0 habrá más de 300 nuevos uniformes.

6. Arenas - Más de 40 (Nuevas ciudades)
En la versión 3.0,  cada equipo tendrá su pista, y 40 de ellos tendrán un arena específico. Se han incluido nuevos modelados que crearan un ambiente único. Además, como novedad exclusiva, cada equipo tendrá sus sponsors reales en las vallas publicitarias. Jugar en casa o en el estadio rival será una experiencia especial.
Además, si esto fuese poco, se han añadido nuevas ciudades, datos que aparecerán al comienzo de los partidos.

7. Menu y Portraits
En la versión 3.0 hemos querido llevar este proyecto al siguiente nivel, y hemos cuidado aspectos de arte como son la interfaz y la experiencia visual. Para ello hemos añadido un rediseñado menu y portraits (imágenes de jugadores) en la base de datos para dar una mayor inmersión.

8. Preguntas Frecuentes
En este apartado voy a intentar responder a vuestras preguntas.
1. ¿Está este roster disponible solo en NBA 2K20? ¿Estará disponible para NBA 2K21?
- Actualmente este roster es exclusivo de NBA 2K20 por los siguientes motivos:
a. El principal motivo es querer terminar lo que empezamos, por lo que mi objetivo a corto plazo es finalizar al 100% este proyecto en NBA 2K20.
b. Es un proyecto enorme,  estamos dedicando cientos de horas  y transferirlo requerirán más horas de las que no dispongo en estos momentos, mi vida personal no me lo permite. No lo descarto en un futuro, pero ahora mismo no está en mis planes. Queda mucho por hacer y creo que es conveniente centrar todo el tiempo en mejorar este roster antes que volver a empezar.
c. NBA 2K20 ofrece aspectos a nivel de edición que no están disponibles en NBA 2K21. Por lo que el concepto de PCBasket perdería parte de su esencia en NBA 2K21 debido a la no presencia de un Hook con capacidad de asignar elementos específicos a cada equipo.
Hablo de poder asignar diferentes balones, marcadores, camisetas de árbitros, canales de tv, etc como hemos podido hacer en NBA 2K20. Si eliges un equipo, todo el contenido de la competición a la que el equipo pertenece aparecerá. Esto no es posible en 2K21.
d. Muchos jugadores de PC han optado por continuar en NBA 2K20 debido a la no presencia de grandes mejoras en NBA 2K21 de actual generación, y actualmente 2K20 se puede comprar a un precio realmente barato, por lo que no tiene mucho sentido pensar en transferir el roster si para ello se necesitará invertir mucho tiempo.

Para seguir el desarrollo, sígueme en Twitter y Facebook.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shuajota

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shuajota/



Francisco t said...

Gracias por incluir los portraits y los call-names.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your work shuajota. btw tofas is playing at champions league not eurocup

Shuajota said...

Thanks, yeah I know that´s correct. Last year they played at Eurocup. It´s just a reference, we will add them the new BCL uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this!!!But can I use this roster to play in My Career?

Shuajota said...

Hi, Yes. With limnono you can load this custom roster in MyCareer.

Anonymous said...

SHUAJOTA inform these court modders that their courts have 3pt line, key lines, charge circle, everything misaligned!! Its unplayable, sometimes a three is not a three and other times a two is ! TELL THEM TO FIX THE LINES !!

Shuajota said...

Hey, thanks for the feedback but capital letters are not necessary I think. We are updating the courts and the arenas, we take it into account.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I won't use caps anymore haha, was just frustrated of the misaligned court lines that haven't been fixed forever, I was tired of making my own court mods using my own template where I fixed everything. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hey man. Great article. We're waiting for this mod to come out. I've got one query. Why are there only 9 BCL teams and not all the organization's teams?

Shuajota said...

Thank you, because there is no room for more teams on the roster. 143 is the maximum to avoid bugs. I know, it would be incredible to be able to include all the European leagues, but we have two main problems as I mentioned.
1. There is no more space to add more teams.
2. Adding more teams takes more work and we could never finish this project.
Anyway, if one day I feel up to it and given enough time, I will transfer it to 2K21. There I will have more space for more teams. But now we have a lot of work and a lot of fun is guaranteed with this large number of teams.

Shuajota said...

Hey Anonymous, send me your court template please.
My mail: dnaobb@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shuajota please check your email and let me know if you got the template. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Buenas tardes, muchas gracias por el titánico trabajo, y por la diversión que me aportais.
quisiera saber, por qué yo ahora no veo los entrenadores de equipos como Real Madrid, que antes en versión de Julio o así si veia.

gracias de antemano. Y repito, muchísimas gracias.

Shuajota said...

En la v2 tuvimos que rehacer la base de datos porque hubo un conflicto con una actualización oficial del juego. Y en la versión 3.0 para evitar errores, hemos vuelto a hacer todo desde cero sobre la última versión del juego.
En la v3.0 los volveremos a meter, que ya sí que será la versión más estable que hayamos lanzado. Están siendo muchas horas las empleadas en rehacer todo y hacer lo nuevo, pero va
a merecer mucho la pena.
Gracias por el apoyo.
Un saludo!

Paulo Ruiz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paulo Ruiz said...

you will update the trades and free agency?

Anonymous said...

Yo man,this look amazing,how can i play with these teams?

Shuajota said...

Thank you, when you download my mod you will be able to play with them haha. Euroleague teams replace NBA Historic Teams and FIBA teams replace NBA All-Time teams.

Shuajota said...

Yes Paulo, v3 is based on 2020-2021 season.

Dofas said...

Hi, I really love and enjoy your guys mod, it is very cruical to me why i have NBA 2k20! Keep the good work, and by the way, will the 3.0 version be available any time soon? Happy new year!

Seryi said...

Dear Shuajota, thank you and your team for the work done! I have a small request for you. You can leave A. Vorontsevich and M. Kulagin and D. Kulagin as free agents in the 20-21 roster. If possible, please do! Thank you!

Shuajota said...

Yes for sure, we are making a realistic free agency with a lot of european/american players.

Duran said...

Hello my friend.I am so grateful for your precious effort and job.I just wonder if we can use the patch before the new year.


Dear Shuajota where can I download this mode?

Dofas said...


DjL_A_E said...

Let's gooo guysss! Vamos Shuajota! You're da best!Let's get ready guys for the best NBA mode ever! I'm waiting for the v3.0 update... Could we have the new v3 patch soon? Pleaaase! I wish a Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone!

Duran said...

Hi my friend.I would be grateful if you give me any info at least about the date since I'm really looking forward to use this patch ?

Shuajota said...

Hi guys, I appreciate your support.
I cannot give an exact date for this V3.0 since this depends on free time and this is something that varies every week, because we have a private life outside of this. But I can assure you that it will be the best Euroleague / FIBA ​​experience you have ever played. We are taking care of every detail, and that takes time. My intention is to release this final version in early 2021. I will notify you soon as soon as I have something more indicative. Once again I appreciate your patience, the wait will be worth more than ever. Happy new year to all, and take good care of you


green said...

Will it be ready before 2k22?

Shuajota said...

"Will it be ready before 2k22?"

Why are you so impatient for something that is free? We are working hard every day. This is not a simple update. The v3.0 is the whole project complete. With 143 teams.
Rome wasn't built in 1 day. We are trying to release it as soon as we can (It could be in 1 month). More than 250 uniforms, more than 600 cfs, more than 100 courts, more than 1000 players, new sliders, created from scratch take many hours, and I want everything to be perfect for when we release this project that will give you hundreds of hours of fun.

Thank you


Unknown said...

Hello shuajota, thanks a lot for this but can i just make a questions to you, is there any chance to add Sigal Prishtina in eurocup list, they wrote history in last season and that will be pleasure for all people of our country. Thanks again

Shuajota said...

Hey, sorry but I don´t have slots for more teams. I already posted the team list 2 months ago and I want to finish it. Maybe when I transfer this project to 2K21 I could add some new teams but I can´t promise anything because this is consuming me many hours.

yanivst said...

Hey Shuajota, first of all thank for this wonderful work . I wanted to ask in this version the squads will be upade (Tayus on Real, Black on Zenit and more...)

Shuajota said...

Hey yanivst,
Of course, all 143 team rosters are current as of today. I hope I can release it by the end of next month. It's almost finished.

O Solpor de Diego said...

Hi Shuajota! Firstly, thanks for your hard and amazing work done here! Your guild, as a digital artist and modder, is so necessary in these times which videogames got so much luch of creative intensity within their pieces.
I'd like to ask you about the possibility of starting a franchise mode with, for instance, Obradoiro (best team in my region, apart from Breogán). Is it possible to play acb and euroleague in the same mode like this it was a sort of "Basketball manager"?


Goodmorning Shuajota we all waiting the links to download this great update.Keep up the good work!!!!!

Shuajota said...

Hey O Solpor de Diego,
Lo primero, muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Si tu equipo es el Obradoiro, imagino que hablarás español. Yo lo soy, así que te cuento.
Hay más de 100 equipos europeos, incluyendo la Euroliga y ACB al completo. Todos estos equipos son seleccionables en el modo de juego MiLiga, pero de la misma forma en la que lo presenta 2K. Por lo que una vez cargues mi roster en dicho modo puedes elegir hasta 36 equipos y distribuirlos a tu gusto en las dos conferencias. Una idea es poner en una los de Euroliga y en otra los de ACB.

Espero que lo disfrutes, esta noche pongo el enlace de descarga. Unos 15GB, tenlo en cuenta para tener espacio disponible.

Un saludo,


Shuajota said...

I will post the download links tonight around 9-10pm (spanish time). I will drop a trailer in the afternoon.
Stay tuned.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Andrey said...

Hi, thank you for great work! I have a problem - your portraits of players dont forse and dont work with your Online Roster (PCBASKET 306 update). How I can fix it?

Shuajota said...

Thanks Andrey,
I didn´t add portraits yet. Anyway make sure you copied my hook files from PCBasket rar because I will add some of them in the next updates.

Sarthak said...

Great mod!! Just have a single issue - the stamina bar is not displaying during the game. Is there any fix?

Shuajota said...

Thanks Sarthak,
Try deleting the file gamedata.iff from waigua folder.

El Solitario said...

Lo primero, felicitaros porque habeis hecho un trabajo increible.

Un par de preguntas de cara al futuro:
¿Habria posibilidad de una actualización de las selecciones de cara a las Olimpiadas?
¿Sería posible sustituir los equipos de WNBA por selecciones femeninas?

Muchas gracias y un saludo.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this incredible work Shuajota and contribuitors,you guys are hof of modders!

Shuajota said...

Thank you!

MHRLK said...

Good day. I'm trying this roster for the first time and I was really amazed by all the work you've done. I just want to ask if there is a possible way of changing the default fiba 2019 china scoreboard?

Shuajota said...

You need to download a different scoreboard and rename the files to fibascore.iff, it will replace it.