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Sunday, December 20, 2020

NBA 2K21 PC Official Patch 1.06 [Backup Files]

After several 2K updates, some users have preferred to keep the appearance of some players but they have seen how the files have been replaced. So I decided to compile all the updated files in the latest official NBA 2K21 update (Official Patch 1.06) into a rar archive as a backup. 

This includes 41 updated cyberfaces (it also adds likeness for some new rookies), 16 city edition jerseys (The uniforms are also compatible with NBA 2K20) and various textures for accessories that have also been updated such as armsleeves, classic uniforms, etc.

To install them manually, it is very easy. Just copy and paste the iff files into your "Mods" folder. If you didn´t get Mods folder, you can download the plugin from here.  Make sure to save your copy in case you want to recover any files when 2K releases a new update.

(It does not include exe files or hacked files. Piracy is not allowed here.)

Download Link

Size: 568.2 MB

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