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Sunday, June 13, 2021

NBA 2K21 Billows Global v1.1

The texture of the white part of the eye is modified based on the white of the eye in the GL I integrated in 2k19,

preview image with pictures of 20, made a lazy

use: Mods folder to unzip

personal feeling 2k21 generation of the original texture of sweat and muscle to do has been very good, I just follow my favorite minor modifications

on The problem of sweating speed, I only know that increasing the amount of sweating can slightly increase the speed of sweating, but at the same time the third stage of sweating is too oily, I don't like it very much. I think the current amount and speed of sweating are okay, so don't privately trust me to change things about sweating. The degree of sweating is related to the physical exertion of the game time. The more sweating is about the end of the game, the more sweating will be after the physical strength is turned off.

* Sweat
        retains most of the sweating trajectory of the original file, increasing the back of the hands, forehead, nose tip, underarms and legs Curved, outside the forearm, around the clavicle of the chest cavity, the sweat trajectory and sweat intensity of the back erect neck
* The
       whites of the eyes have reduced the brightness and added some cyan. The eyeball bloodshot shrinks inward. When you squint, you can see some of the        
       eyeball textures. All the textures have been reworked.
*Muscle textures.
       Considering that these normal textures will be applied to all players, we will slightly modify and add on the original basis. Some details and slightly enhanced texture
*The hairband
       is closer to the recent hairband texture

*The mouth and teeth have been slightly modified.

This is a subjective production. If you have a rational opinion, please comment in the comment section, but if you have a comparison Intense opinions, please remember, it must be you.

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