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Sunday, February 14, 2021

NBA 2K21 Dest Roster v14.2.30 + 70 New Teams by destteam


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3/Content introduction ①Part

1 (list name: dream-team-cards):

According to 2K21MT collection classification, it is easy to find players, list Continuously update and improve with the mt model.

②The second part (name of the list: dream-card-teams):

This part is the 2K21MT chronicle. Before 2000, it was divided into the 70s and the previous integrated into the 70s according to the era. After 2000, the representative teams of specific years are selected and are active Some more powerful cards are used to replace the active cards, and the retro part has a total of 160 teams (decrease or increase according to the card situation in the later period), to ensure that each mt card has its own team, and the team list continues with the mt mode Update and perfect.

Thanks for the hook patch and the Fantasy Stars modifier, the production level and content are still lacking.

Welcome everyone to ask questions and comments (qqgroup 698761254)

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