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Sunday, February 21, 2021

NBA 2K21 Realistic Settings Gameplay Patch 02.21.2021 by Kyrie


NBA 2K21 Realistic Settings Gameplay Patch 02.21.2021 by Kyrie
Author's Note:
2-21 continues to update the rationality of the projection ability.
In today's game between the Clippers and the 76ers, we won overtime.

Through the post-match data of this game, you can see: The
Clippers are one of the most accurate three-pointers in the NBA. So far, 41.9% of the three-pointers have been shot. In
this game , I made a few shots. , The overall hit rate of 38% is quite reasonable.

The 76ers themselves are poor in three-pointers. So far, they have 36.1% of three-pointers, because they finally made 2 three-pointers in order to chase points. Otherwise, they should be 7 of 20 shots and 35% of them. The overall match is mine. expected.

From the perspective of player data, the Clippers double star, 76ers Embiid, Harris, and Simmons all played very star positions.

On the one hand, George faced Curry's defense, 7 of 15 three-pointers, very impressive.
On the one hand, Curry himself was 4-0, but Masik was 4-2.

This means that even players with a + 3 point ability like Curry will have a 0-for-4 phenomenon, while a player like Maxi with only about 70 three-pointers can also have a 2-for-4 phenomenon.

The overall feeling is a lot better than the previous version. The previous version is particularly accurate.

From the actual experience, I just used Leonard's back to make a jumper, and I can hit 3 mid-shots twice in a row, but I also missed 3 consecutive mid-shots.

And before the end of the routine, I just used Leonard to lean back and want to kill, but I didn't hit it. The overall CIC is also very real.

The biggest flaw at the moment is that free throws are too accurate. I have increased the difficulty of free throws to 100. The result is still so accurate. Next time I will try to adjust the difficulty of free throws to 0 to test.

Just put it in your remote folder. always back up your file first

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