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Friday, June 25, 2021

How to Install NBA 2K21 Remastered with Neutral Ray-Tracing


How to Install NBA 2K21 Remastered by Mahmood with Neutral Ray-Tracing

Tutorial - Download Links at the description.

IMPORTANT: To load the RTGI Reshade, you have to set your Anti Aliasing to 1.

To Install NBA 2K21 Remastered, drag and drop all of the contents inside of the 'Mods' folder into your Mods folder.

If prompted, press yes to replace.  If you would like to save your current mod files, create a new Mods folder just for this project. :)

To install TheMochna's Ray-Tracing Neutral Reshade built for NBA2K21 Remastered, follow the below instructions:This Ray-Tracing reshade is not installed like your normal Reshade. 

Please follow these steps to get it working.

If you have any questions on how to use the Ray-Tracing Beta, ask TheMochna.NOTE: This Ray-Tracing is still in Beta. Things might not work, and things will improve over time as TheMochna works on them more.

1. Optional - Download Mochna Studio Lighting (30 teams) and drag them into your Mods folder.

Mochna Studio Lighting is not needed for Ray-tracing to work, but is strongly advised, as

the Ray-Tracing may appear too bright or not work properly on other lightings.

2. Drag everything in this folder (apart from this Instructions.txt file and Mods folder) into your 2k21 directory.

Not just the reshade preset; everything, including reshade-shaders, dxgi.dll, dxgi.log, MochnaRT0.1,

Reshade.ini, and ReshadePreset.ini. The Ray-tracing may not work as intended, or at all, if you don't

follow this step.

3. Load 2k. Go into settings, and turn anti-aliasing all the way down to the lowest it can be. (0)

Turning off Depth Of Field is also recommended to avoid visual errors.

4. Select "MochnaRTNeutral" from your Reshade list and try it out in game! If it doesn't work for you,

you may have messed up on a step (or I have lol). Feel free to contact me on Discord (TheMochna#8039) if it doesn't work for you.

5. (OPTIONAL) If you would like to use a stronger Ray-Tracing preset, you may select MochnaRT0.1.ini for a stronger Ray-Traced experience.


Also, if you would like to change the icon for NBA2K21 to our Remastered Desktop icon, create a shortcut for NBA 2K21, right click on it, select properties, and under Web Document, click Change Icon.  Browse for the icon in the Release Package and select our custom icon and click.

Download Link

2K21 Remastered by Mahmood, TheMochna, and GojoSensei


Mahmood - Menu Design, Layout, FA Jerseys, Textures

TheMochna, GojoSensei - Arenas, Lighting

Dlubell, Groot, Cheesyy - Courts

Sportshub, Psamyou'll, Kevs, TheMochna - Global

bikerjimuk - Crowds

TheMochna, Psamyou'll - Custom Ray-Tracing Reshade


Huge thanks to my testers -- OriginalJMO, Sheeve, Psamyou'll, Naetsu, Groot, Mr_Worldwiide, GojoSensei, TheMochna and Cheesyy.

The Credits may be updated with each version if new contributions are made.

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