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Sunday, June 13, 2021

NBA 2K21 2008–09 NBA Season Roster by L3

Mod info: This is a complete 2008-09 NBA Season custom roster for NBA 2K21 PC.

The 2008–09 NBA season was the 63rd season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic in the 2009 NBA Finals, four games to one.

Author´s note:

Many people ask me to make shoes and stadiums. I am here to answer uniformly, I don’t know how to make stadiums and shoes, and it takes a long time to find materials. So I don't plan to make sports shoes sand (unless there is a great god willing to cooperate), I have done everything I can do. Others have not been done yet. I really can't do anything. Then there is the problem of progress. I have already started working and the speed has slowed down, so don't worry, when I pay my salary, I will customize some facial compensation to speed it up. If a big guy is willing to support me for free or share supplements face to face, you can chat with me privately. When you download this list for the first time, remember to download all my download pages. Then install them in order of date. The latest latest version. Originally planned to put all the player data of the 08-09 season into use (rebounds and assists per game per season), but I did not expect that when the Spurs did this, the modifier would show insufficient recognition. . After entering the dynasty, some will be removed by the system, so the data plan is temporarily suspended. Wait for it to find a solution, and then add it (may not be solved). Who knows the solution, private message me.

1. Follow the 2K9 lineup (Billups and AI have not swapped teams). 2. As for player face-ups, since some other face-ups from other lists were used when they were just made, their face-ups could not be included after inquiries, and I don’t know whose face-ups can be used directly, so I downloaded them in EYEUC All the face fills of has been removed, so there are now a large number of missing face fills. There are also some 20-face supplements (not repaired for the breasts) and self-made face supplements from some external networks. I will slowly supplement the face supplements later (if I can persist). 3. The jerseys and jerseys are basically the original ones, and some of the missing ones are found on the Internet 4. The stadium, except for the 76ers and the Raptors, the stadium is made by me, and the others are all outside the net (some of which I changed the outside tennis court logo or sideline text). 5. This list will replace the original 30 teams' logos and stadiums. Please pay attention to backup. Finally, if the patch I found on the Internet was made by you, you do not want me to be included in the list. Chat with me privately, I will get rid of it as soon as possible. Last time there was a scientific player who said that the list was damaged and unusable. This time I put my SYNC on it. Let’s see if it can be used. (SYNC don't know where to put it, please Baidu) Genuine players search for NBA2K21 08-09 in the game

Credits to:

@sticky-fingers - floors
感谢@北鸽鸽 帮我解决了闪退问题。
@Mr.Star 的部分复古面补

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