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Thursday, July 1, 2021

NBA 2K21 Hook Plugin + Mods Folder V0.0.7 by Looyh


NBA 2K21 PC Hook Plugin + Mods Folder V0.0.7 by Looyh

What is NBA 2K21 Hook?

This is a plugin that allows the installation of modded files on NBA 2K21 PC such as cyberfaces, courts, arenas, jerseys, balls, scoreboards, etc.

This year, this plugin contains a folder called "Mods", previously called Waigua in NBA 2K20 where we must put the .iff files.

This plugin is also very useful for creating custom rosters, since it prevents the game from reverting our modifications once we are working with NBA 2K21 Tools or Cheat Engine.

For a more detailed explanation please take a look at the following tutorial.

How to Install Mods and 2K Tools on NBA 2K21 Epic Games version


NBA2K21 Hook V0.0.5 by Looyh on PC [Added: force display photos * Added: Mandatory loading of player photos. * Added: The roster data is prevented from being reset by 2k (at the same time, open the quick match to reset the team against the team, to avoid the use of hidden teams in the custom roster to cause the game to crash when the default roster is used). Put dinput8.dll, NBA2K_Hook.dll and "Mods" folder to your nba2k21 directory. then add your modded file into "Mods" folder. Non GUI in 2k21 Hook. Added: Force display photos. Added: Modded rosters support(avoid data overwritten by 2k default roster)(also, quick game && 2k , VS team reset) Looyh 

NBA2K21 Hook Tool V0.0.7 by Looyh on PC [02.17.21] "Latest" V0.0.7 *Support loading plugin extension modules and support special function module customization. (Existing module: Streetball mode loading jersey & protective gear) *How to use the module: Put the plugin file in ńŻášÜä2k21ŠŞŞŠłĆšŤ« ňŻĽ/NBA2K_Hook/Pluginsto load it. Adding or deleting a plugin requires restarting the game. *This update comes with a module: to avoid 2k from detecting and resetting player names when the roster is saved offline, causing custom names to be reset to random names. 

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