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Saturday, July 10, 2021

NBA 2K21 Remastered V1.0 by Mahmood Released


NBA 2K21 Remastered by Mahmood Released

Authors:  Mahmood, Themochna and Gojosensei.

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TheMochna and Mahmood will be bringing you an extensively modified menu with fresh UI elements and brand-new lighting for all 30 teams utilizing special technology for a revitalized image of the game. Cinematic 2K-like lighting as well as an RTGI (Ray-Tracing) reshade for optional use along with it. As for presentation and pretty much everything else, changed everything to sort of serve as a direct upgrade that 2K might do. This project should feel like a direct upgrade from vanilla 2K21, not a sidegrade. 

Full Changelog:

NBA 2K21 Remastered v1.0 Released by Mahmood, TheMochna and Gojosensei

This project serves as a direct upgrade from NBA 2K21  in both creativity and cleanliness.  The full list of changes is detailed below:


- Updated Bootup

 - Custom Introduction Screens with Kobe as Cover Athlete, utilizing a painted texture along with Mamba Forever art

 - Custom Loading Screen

 - Customized Yellow Loading Symbol (Global across every mode)


- Updated Promohub (Initial Popup):

 - Recolored Background

 - Recolored Button Highlight

 - Recolored Logo SKU (from 2K21 to 2K21 Remastered)


- Main Menu:

 - Concrete Tile Background changed to Kobe and Gigi Paint Mural

 - Updated Splotchy Flooring to court with Remastered Gradient

 - Upgraded Main Menu Portraits to Player Cards w/ nicknames

 - Updated Player Glitch Effect to Purple scanlines and gray shards

 - Updated Main Menu Buttons to modern font / white coloring

 - Updated Main Menu Shields (Logos) to new font / custom coloring

 - Updated MyTeam info bg to painted background while maintaining readability

 - Updated MyCareer lobby tile backing with colored gradient to match theme

 - Changed Text under 'MyCareer Save Files' to 'Hop back into MyCareer'

 - Updated 2KU Mode Selection alphablends with custom gradient selections (Zig Zag Pattern with Painted Highlight)

 - Changed 'Freestyle' mode to 'Practice' mode in 2KU Mode Selector

 - Changed 'Plays' mode to 'Learn Plays' mode in 2KU Mode Selector

 - Updated MyLeague Mode Selection backgrounds to same zig-zag alphablend and paint selection

 - Updated MyLeague mode images to purple smoke rather than red to fit the theme

 - Updated Descriptions for each mode

 - Updated Gooey Editorial Shapes (Moving main menu shapes to yellow from black)

 - Updated Playnow mode buttons background to paint texture

 - Updated Playnow mode logos to white versions

 - Updated Quick Play description


- Team Selection / Jersey Selection Menu:

 - Updated Player Lighting

 - Updated Coloring of panel underneath accessory name


- Options - Roster - Features:

 - Updated buttons to painted texture with settings cog and wrench

 - Updated 'Settings' tab with new Purple boxes with gray rather than black and gray boxes; applies to CPU - User Sliders, Coach Settings, Controller Settings, and Video Settings menus as well

 - Updated Key Binding button screen to paint texture behind info

 - Upgraded Lighting in the Shoe Creator

 - Updated Credits to include main project creators

 - Updated Credits background


- Updated Mode Loading Screens

 - When Loading into Practice on 2KU, MyLeague and MyGM, the loading environment has been updated for a new floor, new normal, recolored logos, as well as new loading images

 - When loading during a game, the 2KTV Environment also features the same floor, normal, as well as a few easter-eggs.


- Roster Picker:

 - Updated Selection Gradient (universal)

 - Updated Roster Picker Images with paint theme

 - Updated panel bg color to purple from gray


- Roster Creator:

 - Updated Badge Icon to fit with theme

 - Updated OVR Fill Semicircle with paint gradient fill

 - When a player is selected, 'Release to Free Agency' has been changed to 'Release/Waive to FA'

 - When Playercard is opened, the background is now purple

 - Badges section of Playercard updated with new badge icon as well as individual painted headers for each badge category, updated texture when a category is highlighted

 - Body Health & Wear and Tear section of Playercard now has updated medical symbol behind player silhouette


- Player Editor

 - Updated Edit Player Lighting to Next Gen quality

 - Player Builder is now 'Player Creator'

 - Updated Free Agency / Player Creation Jerseys to better serve the theme

 - Custom Painted Edit Player Header

 - Header in Edit Player Screen now changed to 'Player Creator' when creating a new player

 - Previous Title 'Edit NBA Player' has been changed to 'Player Editor' when editing an existing player

 - Custom Edit Player Background, now Purple / Yellow to fit with theme along with yellow 'CREATOR' text

 - Updated Names of some hairstyles, 'Waves', 'Ivy League' and more

 - 'Builder' in background has been changed to 'Creator'

 - 'Signature' tab omitted and replaced with 'Animation' tab

 - Animation tabs have new categories which are: 'Shot Releases and Timing', 'Shot Releases and Timing II', 'Slashing and Dunking Packs', 'Post Game Animations', 'Dribbles / Ball Handling', and 'Player Rituals'

 - Shoes / Gear tab has a few changes, Undershirt options are now 'Compression Shirt' and 'Compression Long' to better explain the accessories


- MyLeague Mode Changes

 - MyLeague logo in top left changed to white for cleanliness -- logos across all modes in top left have also been changed to white for this reason

 - 'Calendar' header has now been changed to the 'Schedule'

 - The MyLeague Schedule now utilizes a painted background behind each scheduled game while retaining the colors -- updated selection gradient

 - Nationally Televised Games now have an updated 2K Broadcast icon

 - Introduction of 'NBA Twitter' tab rather than Social Media

 - NBA Twitter Image added to main NBA Twitter screen

 - 'New Messages' changed to 'New Tweets'

 - Twitter Notification icon added in place of envelope icon in lieu of new tweets change

 - Updated NBA Twitter Users with real analysts, parody accounts, and members / orgs of modding community

 - Updated some NBA Twitter phrases to better reflect modern humor (to be expanded in later versions)

 - Updated Pinned Location icon in Tweets to actual pin emoji

 - Updated Basketball 'Like' icon to actual Twitter heart icon

 - Updated Ticker to purple with yellow highlighted dots

 - Updated Ticker font to Stratum2_Bold for more of a modern feel

 - Updated Ticker text 'Yesterday's Results' to 'Yesterday's Scores'; 'Today's Results' also changed to 'Today's Scores'

 - Changed 2K21 Logo on left of Ticker to NBA.COM for realism

 - Updated MyLeague headers to purple and yellow versions, one static and one selected texture

 - Updated Offseason UI with new images for each period, mostly centralized around Kobe and next generation

 - Summer League Tournament Brackets changed to Purple

 - Playoff Tree brackets changed to painted theme

 - NBA Finals Bracket Highlight changed to Purple

 - Playoff Tree background changed for modernity / theme

 - In all MyLeague Landings (League News, Front Office, Coaching etc.), the background of the buttons has been changed to a painted texture with slightly transparent team logo.

 - In 'League News' tab, the Latest Transactions button has been changed to 'League Moves'; Social Media also changed to 'NBA Twitter'

 - League Moves screen background changed to purple

 - In Trade Menu, when adding a player, a 2K21 Remastered Graphic is displayed behind the Roster popup

 - In 'Coaching' tab, Coach Gameplan has been changed to 'Rotations', On The Fly Lineups has been changed to 'Lineup Presets', Freestyle was changed to 'Practice', and Practice Plays has been changed to 'Learn Plays'

 - Inside of Rotations, the gray background behind Minute Per Position allocation and the associated bars is now purple

 - The tab behind team statistics in the rotations menu has been updated to a painted texture

 - The Action Shot Background seen in the Rotations editor has been changed to a paint texture

 - The fill color for the Rotations slider has been updated to Yellow

 - The rating arrows, as seen in the Roster Editor and Rotation editor, have been updated to longer, painted arrows for cleanliness and freshness

 - Rotation selection by team now has a purple background

 - The Playbook now utilizes a painted texture for the background 

 - System Proficiency uses the same background as the Playbook for freshness

 - In the 'Scouting' tab, the Team Comparison screen now utilizes a zigzag alphablend for the background, the Team Rivals screen now has an updated purple background to fit the theme

 - Screens in the 'Training' tab all utilize Purple Hud Elements

 - Download Team Designs now has a new background and selection gradient

 - All 'Tuning Sliders' and 'Options' tabs utilize the same Settings changes seen in the Main Menu

 - All-Star Captain Selection screen has been updated with new coloring

 - Screen used to select Player / CPU Controlled participants of 3PT / Dunk Contest has a recolored background


- MyGM Changes

 - Skill Web Background updated

 - All Changes to MyLeague are also present here


- WNBA Season, Season, WNBA Playoffs, and Playoffs Mode

 - Changes in MyLeague and MyGM are also seen here


- MyCareer Hub Changes (Remains Similar to Reduce Bugs)

 - Updated Painted Headers in main hub

 - Updated MyCareer Promohub (initial popup, 'Welcome to')

 - Changed MyCareer Hub background to Purple from Blue

 - Updated Settings backgrounds and coloring similar to Main Menu and MyLeague

 - MyPlayer Appearance background unchanged, will be fixed in later version

 - Jump Shot Creator utilizes Painted Gradient

 - MyPlayer Builder also utilizes painted category headers as well as Painted BG for Pie Charts

 - Setting Overall for build testing also utilizes new Edit Player BG


- Gameplay / Graphics Changes

 - Brand-New Realistic Lighting for all 30 teams (non-covid)

 - Ray-Tracing Reshade Developed with Neutrality in mind w/ all-out version too

 - Sportshub Real Gen global customized with new lighting for shoe creator, player editor, etc.

 - Updated On-Court Shotclock with New LED font

 - Updated Scrimmage Arena / Floor for 2KU and MyLeague to 2K21 Remastered variant

 - Re-Colored Shot Meter to Purple and Yellow for freshness and theme


- Presentation Changes

 - Updated Scoreboard and Lower3rd popups to painted themes while maintaining reability

 - Brand New Starting Lineup backgrounds with paint theme

 - Updated Transitions with new studio background to match theme

 - Updated every possible Lower3rd popup across all modes

 - Updated Studio Show with '2K21 Remastered' images and coloring

 - Updated Halftime Score transition with new floor texture and backgrounds

 - Updated all studioshowbumpers as well as titlecard for consistency / freshness

 - Removed Grunge Texture from studioshowbumpers / titlecard ring for cleanliness

 - Replay Center screen updated with painted scoreboard and non-splotchy floor texture

 - Updated Intro Music played in game intro to 'Sirius' by Alan Parsons Project

 - Updated 3D Team Logos by Karinge


Due to the scale of this project, some changes may have been missed, and with future updates, this document will update accordingly with each release.  Thank you for downloading!

This project will be released on and NLSC

All-new menu complete with rebranded categories, refreshed text, a heavily modified social media element, as well as 30 realgen stadiums via Sportshub and Gojosensei coupled with real RTGI lighting / reshade from TheMochna.

first actual in-game screenshot taken with Neutral Ray-Tracing Reshade enabled


Preview of custom Edit Player Background! Please note this is subject to change before release as this is a relatively new discovery. Gameplay screenshots coming very soon.



daewoong1121 said...

The main screen does not change.
It's not patched, is it?
I watched the video and imitated it.

Shuajota said...

Make sure you copy all the content from the .rar file into your Mods folder. It should show a new design with new portraits and background.