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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Best Wipes Collection for NBA 2K21 PC

 Best Wipes Collection for NBA 2K21 PC

Wipes bring you a new level of inmmersion in-game. This is the best collection of wipes for NBA 2K21 PC with different TV channel logos.

-How to use a custom Wipe?

1. Download the file (link below) and extract it.
2. Copy all the face and png files to your mods folder.
3. Run your game and check if its working.

If you have any questions, like and message me here Shuajota.

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1. NBA 2K21 Wipe Mega Pack by 2KGODOfficial

Download Here

2. NBA 2K21 2KGOD New ESPN Wipes (Regular & Finals)

Download Here

3. NBA 2K21 Tencent Sports Wipe by James-23

Download Here

4. NBA 2K21 Bally Sports Wipe and Watermark by Drian9K

Download Here

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