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Saturday, July 17, 2021

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Fantasy Custom Roster Update 07.17.2021 by Reed-Forever


NBA 2K21 MyTeam Fantasy Custom Roster Update 07.17.2021 by Reed-Forever

[Update 20210717] Attachment 14: Update season 9 rewards invincible Hill West, Kukocchire, Arun Sari, etc./Trading 8 inches/Slam Dunk James Davis Thompson Lillard/Enemy Yao Ming Chamberlain Pickled Peppers / Misplacement four, Meditko, Gruboku, etc./ Season return card package, Harris Mitchell Aton Greenmurray, etc./ Idol 3 invincible appointment teacher Penny Isacroy, etc./ Landing reward Anthony Walker/ List 2 perfect part Team contract rotation, etc. (No announcement picture for this update)
(Because I went out to study, the ninth season was done by the group manager. At the end of 21, I wish you all a happy 2k play)
[Update 20210705] Attachment 13: Update Dream Team Anthony David Robinson Lightna Pippen, etc./Idol 3 Invincible Curry Wiggins, Old Curry, etc./Season return card package RJ Barrett Middleton, etc./Landing reward Mickey Richard/List 2 Improve some team contracts Rotation, etc.
[Update 20210626] Appendix 12: Update Splash Little Porter, Sebr, Shiro Bertans, etc./Idol 3 Lesbuque Whiteside/Seasonal Return Kaba Reba Wokwa Lancunas Wiggins Brogo Denbir/33 Gobel Clarkson/Landing reward David Thompson/List 2 Improve some team contract rotations, etc.
[Update 20210619] Appendix 11: Update fault Radga Bauer, Big Benmresan, etc./Invincible Car James Howard Liffin Magician Jordan/Idol 3 Embiid Jr. Camure etc./ Dislocation Unseld Yi Jianlian Odom AK47 Parsons etc./Season Return Card Pack Wall Alexander Hayward etc./Sign-in reward Trey Yanghai Yess/Pink Diamond Moment Reggie/Reward Nur Jiqi
[Update 20210605] Annex 10: Update Gladiator Card Pack Grincia Kam Flett etc./Invincible Card Durant Medivde East 77 Moses Malone etc./33 Reward Arsdale Brother Parrish/Trading Seth Curry Reid, etc./Season 8 McAdoo, etc./Returning card package Mutombo White Chocolate, etc./Season 7 reward card McKennash, etc.//
[Update 20210523] Attachment 9: Update the return card package Edwards Embiid, etc./Reward Card Kenny Walker Rod Strickland/Lightning 9 George Wiseman/Spotlight Three Threats Worthy Butler Lila Germany and others // List 2 update: Join the Six Continents Team/2014-2020 Draft Team/Banana Boat Brothers Kardashian Brothers Team/Inheritance Father and Son Team
[Update 20210515] Annex 8: Update the return package Peyton Campbu Riches Battier, etc./Prestigious series Dr. J, Magician Ray Allen, etc./Code awards Donald/Unstoppable series Kobe Garnett Duncan // List 2 After more than a month of revision, the beta version is re-released, including 145 A historical team (each team contains at least 8 people in rotation), a number of recreational teams
[Update 20210510] Annex 7: Season 7 schedule Catrandorf, etc./Ring Baylor/Infinite Game Aunt Johnson/33 Lucashoe Will wait/fan favorite Davis James Morant class bar, Isaac Covington, Barrett Meck, etc./Idol 2 Sampson Westbrook Griffin etc./Moment Tatum Little Potter Little Sabo Nisbauer and others/season 6 Kukochnur and others/mystery card package Oladipo and others/black market Corinth, etc., update all rookie faces of rookies, update the latest transaction to 5.5, fix the crash issue of dynasty mode ( Due to the redo list, individual players are lost)
[Update 20210424] Attachment 6: Update the distorted reality package Simmons O’Neill Curry, etc./Mystery card package Mullin Sabonis, etc./Idol 2 series Anthony Bosdron, etc./Trading reward Bobby Jones/33 rewards Hubble/season rewards Bowen Jr. Jackson Miller, etc./Time Tatum Lavin, etc., join the Twisted Reality Stadium
[Update 20210411] Annex 5: Update the misplaced card package Kobe Hill Durant, etc./Mystery card package Wilkin Streiyang, etc./Failure Chamberlain DeRozan Rondo, etc./Black market rewards Teren Lutopin Bill Millsap, etc./Single machine 33 rewards ferry/Times Kadwin Booker, list 1 active part update latest deal and mt Replace some players, add misplaced MT themed stadiums, join an NCAA Gonzaga team (future rookies Cunningham/Jeren Saggs/Juzan, etc.), and add a number of self-made player cards to the show time team
[Update 20210327] Attachment 4: The fifth season dominance game evolution card Daniels, promotion to Cunningham, schedule JR Smith etc., 68 wins Reid, black market Farr/Turner etc., 33 Sloan/Randall/Fat Liv, token dark matter pistol/lanier, etc., radiation theme package dark matter McGrady/Jabbar, etc., complete all the evolution cards of the fourth season, join the black market stadium/radiation theme stadium
[update 20210322] Annex 3: idol dark matter Garnett /Bird/Pierce, etc., restriction of Sai Gasol, Comic Drexler/Big Ben/Fox, Moment Galaxy Lillard/Harris/Edwards, etc. International Boschramf, etc., join the Galaxy Dark Matter Coach Phil Jackson Popovich, adding several mt-themed stadiums (the Mamba eternal jersey can trigger the stadium)
[Update 20210315] Annex 2: Retro Carlos Pippen, etc., comics Capipon Shiro, etc., adding a magical WNBA The team , a self-made card team for players , has corrected the issue of some players’ exporting DNA flashbacks. The list can be run in streetball and dynasty modes. Exclusive LOGO and MT theme team selection murals have been added for some teams.
[Update 20210309] Attachment 1: Comics Mitchell Russell Ray Allen, etc. / All-Star Letters Golillard Curry Simmons / Pantheon Dark Matter, Jordan Zion, Galaxy, George Magician Carter, etc. /
[Update 20210302]: Moment Alexander Gallinari / Trouble Driver Harden Moon asked teacher Nash/Comic Card Golden Age and Modern (Modern Age)/3.2 Part of the Evil Temple in Australia Bogut is at a critical juncture. Ingalls trades Adams. Others: Mod patches before March 2 are unified and integrated into the basic package, and will no longer need to be downloaded in the

future Follow-up update files will be released synchronously from the QQ group 698761254, and there is a specific installation guide in the group. Welcome everyone to download and discuss with the group! !

This list is completely free, and the player data comes from 2K21MT mode.
Contains all Galaxy + Pink Diamonds + Diamonds + Amethysts + some red and blue grade cards and self-made cards for water friends in 2K21MT mode. Currently, it contains about 550 cards, including attributes/inclinations/hot spots/action dribbling bags, etc., which are the same as those in MT mode .
1/About the patch:
All teams make matching MT theme team logos/courts/jerseys (continuous production), and only 2K21MT mode cards are made as full-body photos for easy identification (file number 38000-49999, not with most mainstream patch authors Documents overlap). This list needs to be used with hooks. Hooks cannot be used in online competitions, which will cause a crash. Modify the file name of dinput8.dll to solve it.
2/List use:
Genuine players search for list names or usernames reed forever.
Pirated players provide roster files and sync files for their own use. Different archive locations are different for different cracking groups.

3/Content introduction ①Part
(list name: 2KMT-CARDS):
Collect according to 2K21MT Classification, easy to find players, the list is constantly updated and improved with the mt mode. The update frequency is about 1 week.
Support mode: Quick Match/Dynasty/ Streetball

②The second part (list name: 2KMT-CHRONICLE) (to be improved/final update 3.9):
This part is the 2K21MT chronicle, divided by age before 2000 , The 70s and before were integrated into the 70s, after 2000, select commemorative teams of specific years, the active part is replaced with stronger cards, and the retro part is a total of 160 teams (the latter will be deleted or added according to the card situation), It is guaranteed that each mt card has its own team, and the team list is constantly updated and improved with the mt mode, and the update frequency is one change per season.
Support mode: Quick match (other modes will cause a crash due to the list of retro teams exceeding 120)

Thanks for the hook patch and the fantasy star modifier
@allen0@ yv@W.@一@D *P@柠檬味@愿的打赏

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