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Monday, August 30, 2021

NBA 2K21 2021-2022 Roster Update [MyLeague File / Current Calendar]


NBA 2K21 2021-2022 Roster Update [MyLeague File]

2021-2022 Calendar + Latest Transactions + All Rookies

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NBA 2K21 2021-2022 Roster Update [MyLeague File / 2021-22 Calendar]

A month ago Santicruyff and I released the first realistic roster based on the 2021-2022 NBA Season. Throughout these months we have continued working on a new alternative for those who want to have an even more realistic experience.

With this MyLeague file, you will go directly to action playing on the 2021-2022 calendar.

- 2021-2022 Calendar

- Updated Latest Transactions

- Updated Ratings

- Updated Player Rotations and Lineups for all Teams

- Updated Player Contracts (It includes Two-Way contracts)

- Updated Player Ages (2021-2022)

- Updated Coaches

- Added the new Rookies (NBA Draft 2021)

- Added cyberfaces for Rookies and Missing Face Scans

(Make sure to download Modded Files V3.0)

- Added 2022 All-Star Court & Jerseys

- Added realistic jumphosts and tendecies for all Players

- Added Custom shoes for all Players 

- Updated 2020-2021 Awards

Created by SantiCruyff and Shuajota

How to Install this MyLeague File

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