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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Find out All the Details of the Classic Teams in NBA 2K22

Find out all the details of the Classic Teams in NBA 2K22


Apparently, as confirmed by the pjt8405 aka Pete Toal there are no new classic teams in NBA 2K22, but we will find new players, like others who have been removed.

This is due to player likenes rights expiring after one full year removed from an NBA roster. Anyone not on 2020-2021 NBA roster can´t be included w/o agreement w/ NBARPA or 2K directly. Also if someone passes away, their estate has to release their likeness rights.

According to Pete Toal, if we want to ee any of the players back in the game oficially, they would need to reach a deal with NBARPA or NBA2K directly. You can tweet your support positively to them so they may consider it.

NBA 2K22 added 61 new cyberfaces to 42 new classic team players and 19 new all-time players to rosters this year (No new teams). Here´s the Pete Toal´s complete list of added/removed okayers on both classic & All-Time teams:

NBA Classic Teams: Players removed from Classic Teams in NBA 2K22

Frank Brickowski - 86-87 Lakers * Accurate as he was traded mid season for Mychal Thompson

Drazan Petrovic - 90-91 Blazers * Accurate as he was traded mid season

Pau Gasol - 05-06 Memphis Grizzlies

J.R. Smith - 07-08 Denver Nuggets, 11-12 New York Knicks, 15-16 Cleveland Cavaliers

Nene - 07-08 Denver Nuggets

Brandon Roy - 09-10 Portland Trail Blazers

Kyle Korver - 10-11 Chicago Bulls

JJ Barea - 10-11 Dallas Mavericks

Corey Brewer - 10-11 Dallas Mavericks

Tyson Chandler - 10-11 Dallas Mavericks

Thabo Sefolosha - 11-12 Oklahoma City Thunder

Jamal Crawford - 13-14 LA Clippers

Ian Mahinmi, Evan Turner - 13-14 Indiana Pacers

Marco Belinelli - 13-14 San Antonio Spurs

Jordan McRae - 15-16 Cleveland Cavaliers

Malcolm Miller - 18-19 Toronto Raptors

NBA Classic Teams: Players Added to Classic Teams in NBA 2K22

Gerry Ward - 64-65 Celtics

Kenny Fields - 84-85 Bucks

Mike Holton - 84-85 Bulls

Irving Thomas - 90-91 Lakers

Cliff Robinson - 90-91 Blazers (Back in)

Mike Gminski - 92-93 Hornets

Randy Brown - 95-96 Bulls, 97-98 Bulls, 02-03 Suns

Matt Fish - 96-97 Heat

Gary Grant - 96-97 Heat, 99-00 Blazers

Willie Burton - 97-98 Spurs

Kurt Thomas - 98-99 Knicks

Haywoode Workman - 99-00 Raptors

John Thomas - 99-00 Raptors

Rodney Buford - 00-01 Sixers

Speedy Claxton - 00-01 Sixers

Roshown McLeod - 00-01 Sixers

Mike Penberthy - 00-01 Lakers

Lawrence Funderburke - 01-02 Kings

Popeye Jones - 02-03 Mavericks

Evan Eschmeyer - 02-03 Mavericks

Kareem Rush - 03-04 Lakers

Jamal Sampson - 03-04 Lakers

Tremaine Fowlkes - 03-04 Pistons

Glenn Robinson - 04-05 Spurs

Tony Massenburg - 04-05 Spurs

Derek Anderson - 05-06 Heat

Dorell Wright - 05-06 Heat

Josh Powell - 06-07 Warriors

Yakhouba Diawara - 07-08 Nuggets

Juwan Howard - 09-10 Blazers, 12-13 Heat

Rudy Fernandez- 09-10 Blazers

Ronnie Brewer Jr - 10-11 Bulls

CJ Watson - 10-11 Bulls, 13-14 Pacers

Kurt Thomas - 10-11 Bulls

Royal Ivey - 11-12 Thunder

Tony Wroten - 12-13 Grizzlies

Matt Bonner - 13-14 Spurs

Channing Frye - 15-16 Cavs

Mo Williams - 15-16 Cavs

Andrew Bogut - 15-16 Warriors

Festus Ezeli - 15-16 Warriors

Mo Speights - 15-16 Warriors

NBA Classic Teams: Players removed from All-Time Teams in NBA 2K22

Darryl Dawkins - All-Time Philadelphia 76ers

Jon McGlocklin - Milwaukee Bucks

Steve Kerr - All-Time Chicago Bulls

Charles Oakley - All-Time Chicago Bulls

Ron Harper - All-Time Cleveland Cavaliers

Antoine Walker - All-Time Boston Celtics

Eric Gordon - All-Time LA Clippers

Pau Gasol - All-Time Memphis Grizzlies

Jason Williams - Sacramento Kings

Reggie Theus - Sacramento Kings

Kristaps Porzingis - All-Time New York Knicks

Pau Gasol - All-Time Los Angeles Lakers

Tyson Chandler - All-Time Dallas Mavericks

Kendall Gill - All-Time Brooklyn Nets

D’Angelo Russell - All-Time Brooklyn Nets

Laphonso Ellis - All-Time Denver Nuggets

Jalen Rose - All-Time Indiana Pacers

Detlef Schrempf - All-Time Indiana Pacers

Clark Kellogg - All-Time Indiana Pacers

Ryan Anderson - All-Time New Orleans Pelicans

Tyson Chandler - All-Time New Orleans Pelicans

Blake Griffin - All-Time Detroit Pistons

Danny Green - All-Time San Antonio Spurs

Brandon Roy - All-Time Portland Trail Blazers

Mitch Richmond - All-Time Golden State Warriors

Gherorghe Muresan - All-Time Washington Wizards

Larry Hughes - All-Time Washington Wizards

Rod Strickland - All-Time Washington Wizards

NBA Classic Teams: Players Added to All-Time Teams in NBA 2K22

Dolph Schayes - All-Time Philadelphia 76ers

Glenn Robinson - Milwaukee Bucks

Jerry Sloan - All-Time Chicago Bulls

Zach Lavine - All-Time Chicago Bulls

Jim Chones - All-Time Cleveland Cavaliers

Bill Sharman - All-Time Boston Celtics

Swen Nater - All-Time LA Clippers

Jonas Valancuinas - All-Time Memphis Grizzlies

Wayne Embry - Sacramento Kings

Eddie Johnson- Sacramento Kings

Julius Randle - All-Time New York Knicks

Anthony Davis - All-Time Los Angeles Lakers

Kristaps Porzingis - All-Time Dallas Mavericks

Kevin Durant - All-Time Brooklyn Nets

James Harden - All-Time Brooklyn Nets

Byron Beck - All-Time Denver Nuggets

Mel Daniels - All-Time Indiana Pacers

Bob Netolicky - All-Time Indiana Pacers

Don Buse - All-Time Indiana Pacers

Lonzo Ball - All-Time New Orleans Pelicans

Trevor Ariza - All-Time New Orleans Pelicans

Bailey Howell - All-Time Detroit Pistons

Louie Dampier - All-Time San Antonio Spurs

Sidney Wicks - All-Time Portland Trail Blazers

Paul Arizin - All-Time Golden State Warriors

Wes Unseld - All-Time Washington Bullets/Wizards

Jack Marin - All-Time Washington Bullets/Wizards

Don Ohl - All-Time Washington Bullets/Wizards

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