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NBA 2K14 2022-2023 Ultimate Base Roster by Hawk23


NBA 2K14 Ultimate Base Roster (UBR)

V82 of Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 is already available. This huge roster includes all NBA seasons since 50s until the current one 2022-2023. This huge roster has been created by HAWK23 that gives us the opportunity to travel back in time and enjoy the different decades of the best NBA basketball.

*Updated the 2023 Roster and Ultimate Base Roster to reflect accurate transactions and roster moves as of 1/1/2023 (includes Two-Way Players & G-League Teams)

*Added the last few remaining 2023 alternate/statement jerseys that hadn't been updated (all the 2023 home/away/alt/statement/city/retro jerseys added now)

*Fixed up some alternative/statement courts and made them selectable options in the 2017-2023 Rosters

*Fixed the 2020 Legends Team in the Ultimate Base Roster (players had gotten jumbled when I moved some things around)

*Added a brand new Roster file called "UBR Ult Rookies V1. Thanks to fellow patron, Cloney, we now have a roster that includes every draft class team from 1975-2005. Feel free to take on the 1984 Draft Class Team VS the 2003 Draft Class Team to see which rookie squad is best! There is still work to be done with this roster, but it's well worth the first release!

*Officially added team commentary audio IDs for 14 teams! Now, whenever you play with any of the following teams they will be referred to by both their city name and mascot name throughout gameplay: Vancouver Grizzlies, Baltimore Bullets, Buffalo Braves, Cincinnati Royals, Fort Wayne Pistons, Kansas City Kings, Minneapolis Lakers, Philadelphia Warriors, Rochester Royals, San Diego Clippers, San Francisco Warriors, St. Louis Hawks, Syracuse Nationals, Vancouver Grizzlies, Washington Bullets

*Added full coaching staffs (assistants, trainer, and general manager) to the 1947-1979 Rosters. This means ALL the rosters from 1947-2023 rosters have full accurate coaching staffs

*I was able to make it so if there were any teams who did not have an assistant coach during a particular year they will have an empty chair during game play (instead of a generic looking coach sitting on the bench)

*I was able to make it so any players who were also player-coaches (Ex: Bill Russell) during any seasons do not show up on the bench in a suit

*Updated the audio ID for all head coaches in every single roster to ensure that Dorris Burke and the announcers use their correct name during game play. This includes assigning hidden coach audio IDs

*Added a few retro stadiums (1984 Mavericks, 1985 Bullets, 1985 Celtics, 1985 Hawks, 1985 Nuggets) to applicable rosters in the 1980's - BIG thank you to Bird33!

*Added some brand new year-specific retro cyberfaces courtesy Retro2K: Andre Iguodala, Carlos Boozer, Baron Davis, Byron Russell, Caron Butler, Dwyane Wade, Kwame Brown, Larry Nance, Robert Williams III (full career pack), and coach Darvin Ham.