NBA 2K21 2021-2022 Massive Roster Update by Shuajota Christmas (2021) - Shuajota: NBA 2K22 Mods, Rosters & Cyberfaces

NBA 2K21 2021-2022 Massive Roster Update by Shuajota Christmas (2021)

 ATD (Attention to Detail) is this is the most realistic and accurate 2021-2022 Roster Update for NBA 2K21 PC. Created by Shuajota and Santicruyff and based on CelticLG´s roster for PS4, PS5 & Xbox Seriex X. It includes realistic cyberfaces for missing facescans and 2021 rookies.You can get it at the download link below.

ATD December 2021 Update V12.18

- Updated Latest Transactions and Lineups. 

Isaiah Thomas - Los Angeles Lakers

- Updated Player Contracts (It includes Two-Way contracts)

- Updated Player Ages (2021-2022)

- Updated Coaches

- Added the new Rookies (NBA Draft 2021)

- Added new cyberfaces for Rookies and Missing Face Scans from NBA 2K22 

- Added realistic jumphosts and tendecies for all Players

- Added Custom shoes for all Players 

- Added 2021-2022 City Edition Jerseys

- Added City Edition Courts (More to come)

Make sure you download the Modded Files V12.10 (Art work).

Download Link


General Changelog


2. TENDENCIES (all tendencies are edited)

[1.1] Shot and touch tendencies updated based on offensive impact on offense
[2.2] Shot under the basket/close/mid/3pt corrected based on real life shot distrubution, this implies less close 4-feet jumpers and mid-range shots (excluding specialists) with more three pointers in order to replicate real modern basketball (and new formulas for spotup and offscreen mid/3pt shots)
[2.3]Detailed shot zones (close left/right/center, mid left/left-center/center/etc...) updated and scaled to 100 based on shot distribution (NEW)
[2.4] Pullups, stepbacks (mid and 3pt), floaters, alley oops (dunks and passes), spin jumpers (NEW) and bank shots (NEW) have been tracked and corrected based on attempted on 36 minuts by all the players
[2.4] Eurostep, hopstep, spin laypus and stepthrough all updated based on the tendency by the players to use them IRL
[2.5] Drive tendencies corrected with a new scale with a general decrease in order to prevent the CPU from driving every possession
[2.6] Dunk tendencies (standing, driving, flashy) reworked
[2.7] New alley-oop (pass and dunk) tendencies based on real-life stats
[2.8] Triple threat jab, pump fake, and idle all globally scaled using 50 scale, with less jabs and more fakes (NEW)
[2.9] New crash tendency formula based on height and weight (NEW)
[2.10] All players size up's scaled to 100 between size up, hesitation and no-setup move in order to have less random dribbling
[2.11] Dribble and driving dribble tendencies reworked in order to assure better game flow (NEW)
[2.12] Dish to the open tendency (and the other passing tendencies) rescaled and globally increased for more drive-and-kicks and extra-pass situations
[2.13] "Spot Up vs Cut" tendency reworked based on the role and the [url="[/URL] of the players, now they'll behave correctly in transition situations, shooters will stay behind the arc while bigs will attack the rim
[2.14] "RollvsPop" tendency rescaled based on Pick&roll and pick&pop possessions played
[2.15] Iso tendencies are now based on real-life isolation stats
[2.16] All post up and post moves ([B][COLOR="red"]NEW[/color][/b]) tendencies updated
[2.17] Hook and fade-away shots tracked, rescaled and fixed to turn to the shoulder of the player not the hand (these tendencies are backwards)
[2.18] Charge, hard foul and shot contest tendency updated and globally increased
[2.19] Steal, foul, play-passing lanes (NEW) and block tendency rescaled based on real-life stats
[2.20] Play discipline tendency reworked based on the style of the players (NEW)

3. ATTRIBUTES (all attributes are edited)

[3.1] Close/Mid/3pt attributes updated with new formulas that take into account % and volume
[3.2] Free Throw rating update for all the player based on the last two years (or 100 FTs if they had less than 100 the past 2 years)
[3.3] New formulas for Shot IQ (based of shot selection) and Offensive/Defensive consistency (NEW)
[3.4] Dunk attributes reworked
[3.5] Driving layup, draw foul, post fade/hook updated based on real-life stats
[3.6] Athletic attributes (speed, acceleration, vertical, lateral quickness) updated based on combine numbers and age + some corrections (NEW)
[3.7] Defensive attributes overhaul for all the player in order to fix good defensive players with bad defensive attributes and viceversa
[3.8] Passing attributes reworked based on various advanced passing stats (NEW)
[3.9] Stamina updated for all the players based on age, height, weight and position (NEW)
[3.10] New formula for the strenght attribute (NEW)
[3.11] Rebounds, steal, pass perception and block updated based on stats from this season
[3.12] Hustle, ball handling (expecially for bigs that can handle) and hands adjusted based on the style of the player (NEW)

4. BADGES (all badges are edited)

[4.1] Reduced the number of players who have been assigned badges in order to seperate the true specialists from the other players. Every badge is assigned to max 20-40 players (depending on the badge)
[4.2] Around 90% of the badges are based on stats with different tier (bronze, silver, gold, HOF). See the badges guide for more details
[4.3] Removed some of the OP badges that can ruin gameplay and/or sim stats (worm, quick first step, etc)
[4.4] Personality badges updated for all the players in the league in order to replicate their real life character (personality badges unlock certain scenarios if you use the MyLeague Event Generator, see the details in the 2nd post)

5. PLAYBOOKS: more than 300 real-life plays added throug the various based on the style of the team, the players and their type of freelance + some more basic plays in order to maintain MyLeague's longevity. All 30 teams will have 50 plays and a balanced playbook

6. PLAY-TYPES: updated based on real-life data

7. HOT ZONES updated for over 350 plays that took 100+ shots this year (or the previous season for players like Durant, Cousins and Wall that haven't played in 2020)

8. SIG SHOTS: all shots/free throws/layups/dunks/dribble moves/post moves updated for all the players based on the suggestions of the Sig Shots Thread (all credit to woody, fc155, itrey and all the guys of the thread) -> in the work

9. ACCESSORIES & SHOES update (with frequencies!) based on based on what they wore this season

10. TRUE DURABILITY ATTRIBUTES: all injuries of players during their careers have been broken down according to body parts allowing us to update all the durability attributes based on the injuries that the players suffered

11. REAL LIFE STAFF (coaches and assistants, GMs, trainers, scouts) with grades, badges and play-styles all updated -> in the work

12. POES, COACHING PROFILES, COACHING SLIDERS: updated for all 30 teams in order to replicate their real style -> in the work

13. TRANSACTIONS updated weekly until the start of the regular season

14. PLAY FOR WIN, FINANCIAL SECURITY, LOYALTY: values updated for all the players in order to replicate their style and their contract requests (veterans like Tyson Chandler or Jared Dudley will sign for a contender at the minimum salary while other guys like Marcus Morris or Terry Rozier will choose money over everything)

15. PEAK START/END updated for all the players based on the style of playing (pure shooters will last longer than athletic bigs for example)

16. POTENTIALS: corrected in order to have more stability and balance during MyLeague's future seasons, reducing the huge number of 80+ OVR players that showed up after a few years of simulation

17. POSITION CORRECTIONS based on real-life data

18. CONTRACT CORRECTIONS: adding team/player options where they're missing, correcting values

19. ROTATIONS updated for all 30 teams

20. PLAY-INITIATOR CORRECTIONS all around the league in order to have only real ball handler to call plays and handle the ball

21. REALISTIC SIM STATS: I personally put a ton of work on them because I think they're essential for a sim experience

22. HEIGHTS AND JERSEY NUMBERS: updated before the training camps

23. NEW FACES FOR BAD CAPS: faces of players without face-scan will be replaced with high-quality CAPs

24. DRAFT-AND-STASH PLAYERS added to the roster  (NEW)

25. CYBERFACES FOR MISSING FACE SCANS added cyberfaces created by me for players without face scan.

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