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Friday, September 3, 2021

NBA 2K21 DEST Roster Update V21.9.3 ALL IN ONE [2022 ROSTER + RETRO + FIBA]


NBA 2K21 DEST Roster Update V21.9.3 ALL IN ONE [2022 ROSTER + RETRO + FIBA]

Dest roster is a huge project with 2022 NBA rosters, the best retro NBA teams and many all time FIBA national teams created by destteam for NBA 2K21 PC.

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NBA 2K21 DEST Roster Update V21.9.3 ALL IN ONE [2022 ROSTER + RETRO + FIBA]

DEST list FOR 2K21
Steam player search list name:
"Dest Roster" or user name "DEST2K.COM"
Chinese name list: DEST CHS
history list of the best team name: DEST ALL-TIME
genuine players also need to download the package within the network disk
list using the tutorial, see:
beyond full production 2K20 is!
While ensuring the efficient update of active content and complementing the missing players of the official retro, the DEST list has joined the classic NBA teams of each year, as well as some FIBA ​​ALL-TIME teams from China and Spain. A total of 70 new teams are added. Players with large differences in appearance make face-ups during the independent period, and the new team face-ups, floors, etc. are added to the realism, allowing you to go back to the past and reminisce about the classics.

* Integration in the list file package I thanked the following authors for their works (Credit To):
@hukub, @Myk, @ are some retro player face-ups of Ah-Hukub; @dabaoge's Nuggets satin jersey and Kobe face-ups; @梁石的费Scheer and Oden made up
part of the retro team floor of @SRT-Lebron; @bc1093963275's dream 1 selection team background picture
@sxz's Campazzo, Paul and Jordan Hill made up; @ [email protected] , Noel, Powe face fill, @k2abn's Guo Ailun, Wang Zhelin face fill
@Mudy's 09 all-star jerseys, 2020CBA all-star floor, FIBA ​​floor;
@調@特雷西的16湖人平台@Young1996的华莱Storey Weaver Wimes and some CBA players face up, Rockets backup jersey, Chinese team jersey
@ECPH's Lakers Magic Howard, Cavaliers Owen, 12 Harden, Westbrook, Heat James, Anthony Mayo, JR Smith, 08 Wade face-
ups @鬼马's retro player face-ups and headshots; @Kyrie.Young's Hayes, Jazz Deron, Jazz Boozer face-

ups @NoobMayCry's Lakers Bynum Nets Deron, Pippen Face make up; some of the retro players of
@Askin make up @AKA利剑之吊's Knicks Ross, Thunder Moreau, and Wims face make up; @小羊's various periods of Duncan, Thunder Roberson face make up
@你爸爸落泪Photos of 09 Magic, 16 Thunder, 08 Rockets, Celtics, 13 Lakers; TACO’s 3 period O’Neill face supplement
@Takeshi’s Clippers Little Jordan Thomas 16 Thompson face supplement; @白55 Chocolate’s retro player face supplement
@jerometans, Part of the retro player photos of @后幕幕、@小新弟弟√; @BLY's Rocket Mercerized Jersey (2K19 works, integrated and shared according to the instructions in the original post)
@James-23's Wang Shipeng tattoo, 76ers mercerized jersey; @流浪的青春The Lakers O’Neill, McGrady, Artest, and Yi Jianlian face up; @Yolove814’s 周鹏面补
@三串烤腰子' s Xiang Porter, Lakers Russell, Lopez, Kobe, Jeff Green
@ Thomas, Dior, Stephenson, Gallinari, Hernan Gomez's face-up
@wenluyun123's Gudeng, Shannon Brown face-up, retro Celtic jersey
@ZD.'s Kobe face fill; @Taylorduwu's Xiaosi, Pierce, Cousins ​​face fill
@Lose心的康利, Capella, Mbenjia face fill
; @ yangfugui's Yi Jianlian, Jaylen Brown face fill @九CC Josh Smith, Rondo, Mike Miller, Randall's face make up; @VCHeart15's Ray Allen, Phil Jackson, 05 Parker,
Porzingis , Nash face make up @伊戈INGE's young Curry, Lu Wei, Nongmei brother face make up; @3101493023 some customized player face make up
@★ARTEEZY★ young James, Harden, Parsons. Rodman face repair; @小萌酱、@ingrant; some active photos of
@hukub Coach CFs By @Vindragons; Floor Texture Fixes Based On@Manni
Shot Fix Ref:OperationSports Community&Youtube User Dabenjiecode
Bubble Stadium:hokupguy, 2012 Olympics Floor Based On: SparG, 2021 Rookie CFS: SBUGS
Headshot: RYN2K; Rookie CFs: 8MB Rockmod, 15HOU FLOOR: lethanos
NCAA Resources: RobDavis, DORNA: perkoniwa; Portraits: ARTS; TOKYO FLOOR: DAN; MISSING CFS: gregotin; FIBAK Jerseys: AGP2

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