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NBA 2K22 Current Gen into Next Gen on PC


As you already know, the version of NBA 2K22 on PC is "current gen" or what is the same, it shares a version with PS4 and Xbox One. Last summer, there was a great expectation to receive the Next Gen version on PC, and let's hope that 2K will provide PC users, the opportunity to enjoy NBA 2K23 next year in the same way that PS5 and Xbox Series X / S users do. 

But it's not all bad news, as the possibilities for the PC version are endless, thanks to the extraordinary talent of many members of the NBA 2K modding community.

Last year we saw how Mahmood and Psamyou´ll brought us a mod called "NBA 2K21 Remastered" with which they managed to simulate the Next Gen version on PC. This year both modders have already announced that they are working on the new version as you can read here.

But to liven up the wait for that immense project, I bring you a list of the best mods, which in my opinion, simulate many of the features that we can find in the New Gen version.

NBA 2K22 Next Gen Mods (2022)

1.  NBA 2K22 Remastered Mod

A whole new graphic and animation mod for NBA 2K22 on PC created by Mahmood.

Download Here

NBA 2K22 Next Gen PC

2.  Next-Gen Mod (Reshade) by Shuajota

NBA 2K22 on PC gets next gen graphics with this custom reshade created by Shuajota.

Download Here

3.  NBA 2K22 PS5 Next Gen Scoreboard & Breakboard V2.0 by rtomb_03

This mod created by rtomb_03 adds the PS5 & Xbox Series X|S (Next Gen) Scoreboard and Breakboard to NBA 2K22 on PC.

Download Here

4. NBA 2K22 Next Gen Edit Player Background for PC by Psamyou'll

This mod created by Psamyoull adds the next gen edit background to NBA 2K22 PC. 

Download Here

5. NBA 2K22 Next Gen Edit Player Stance by Mahmood and Psamyou'll

This mod created by Mahmood and Psamyou´ll adds a new animation to the player in the Edit Player Menu much like Next-Gen to NBA 2K22 PC.

Download Here

6. NBA 2K22 All 30 Realistic NBA Arenas with Sponsors by Shuajota & rtomb_03


This mod created by rtomb_03 and Shuajota adds 30 realistic NBA arenas with real advertisements for stanchions and baskets to NBA 2K22 PC.

Download Link

7. NBA 2K22 Shuajota Realism Reshade Patch

This mod created by me, Shuajota is a reshade based on a realistic lighting with enhanced colors for NBA 2K22 PC.

Download Link

8. NBA 2K22 Next Gen PS5 Portraits to PC

This mod created by Shuajota adds portrait updates for NBA teams based on their photos from Next Gen (PS5) to NBA 2K22 PC.

Download Link

9. NBA 2K22 Remastered 30 Teams Mural Pack by vdw0

The modder vdw0 brings us an insane mural pack for every NBA teams with photos from the current 2021-2022 NBA season for NBA 2K22 PC Steam.
Get them from the link below and enjoy it.

Download Link

10. NBA 2K22 Next Gen Practice Facility Mod

This mod created by Hokupguy adds a next gen practice facility to NBA 2K22 on PC.
Get it from the link below and enjoy it.

Download Link

11. NBA 2K22 Remastered Soundtrack by Mahmood, Krush, and Mr. Fugu.

Download Link


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  2. Is this really for NBA 2K22? coz the download links are for 2K21

  3. Hi xleepyhead, yes. The author mixed two global files from 2K21 but it still works on NBA 2K22.

  4. Where to put the files? Mods folder?