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NBA 2K22 DEST Roster (Classic NBA & FIBA) V6.7 (2022)


NBA 2K22 DEST Roster (Classic NBA & FIBA)

New classic NBA teams in NBA 2K22 PC

DEST Roster is now available for NBA 2K22 on Steam (PC) thanks to chinese modder Leonchu and DEST team with missing classic NBA and FIBA teams and updated NBA rosters to 05.06.2022 with all the latest trades of the NBA trade deadline and a new cyberface pack.

If you have ever played with this roster, you will know that it includes many missing classic / retro NBA teams and improvements for the default ones such as Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics from 2009-2010 NBA season o Miami Heat from 2010-2011, in addition to the best national FIBA teams of the last decades, USA, Spain, China, among others, based on rosters of Olympic Games.

The installation of this custom roster is pretty simple, You have to make sure you have the latest roster update as well as the Modded Files that represent the work of art: cyberfaces, jerseys, arenas, balls, etc. Each time the author updates the roster, it will be necessary to download the latest archive packages, but not to download the old ones again.

DEST Roster Changelog (V3.11)

- Latest Transactions (NBA Trade Deadline).
- Updated Lineups.
- Updated All-Star rosters (no injuries).
- Updated headshots and full body portraits for some players.
- Updated cyberfaces for missing retro players

DEST Roster Team List

Classic NBA Teams

2002-2003 Orlando Magic

2002-2003 Washington Wizards

2003-2004 Indiana Pacers

2003-2004 Washington Wizards

2004-2005 Houston Rockets

2005-2006 Seattle SuperSonics

2005-2006 Phildelphia 76ers

2005-2006 Los Angeles Clippers

2005-2006 Los Angeles Lakers

2005-2006 Orlando Magic

2005-2006 Toronto Raptors

2006-2007 New Jersey Nets

2006-2007 Chicago Bulls

2007-2008 New Orleans Hornets

2007-2008 Utah Jazz

2007-2008 Seattle Supersonics (Rookie Durant)

2007-2008 Milwaukee Bucks

2008-2009 Houston Rockets

2008-2009 Phoenix Suns

2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers

2008-2009 Orlando Magic

2008-2009 Detroit Pistons

2009-2010 Charlotte Bobcats

2009-2010 Cleveland Cavaliers

2009-2010 Boston Celtics

2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers

2014-2015 Chicago Bulls

2017-2018 Minnesota Timberwolves

Classic All-Star Games Rosters

Classic FIBA National Teams

1992 United States

2008 China

2008 United States

2016 United States

DEST Roster Installation

1. Put the roster file into: X:\STEAM\userdata\your account id\1644960 and replace the remote and local folders.

Video Tutorial

DEST Roster Download Links


  1. I can't see any new teams in the classis teams section. I had been using DEST on nba 2k21 since 6 months, but I can't find the teams in 2k22, even after loading the roster file.

  2. no teams nothink,just player portraits updates,wtf?

  3. What's wrong with the roster? There's no classic teams

  4. Hi, how can we send a request to the creator of this roster?
    is to order two historical teams:
    1999-00 Indiana Pacers
    1992-93 Phoenix Suns

  5. Hola Santiago, se lo enviaré yo que tengo cuenta en la web. Un saludo.

  6. hi, im very new with modding.
    im confused what is this steps means? 1644960 and replace the remote and local folders.


  7. Hi, I´ll record a video tutorial this week.

  8. hello mate, are there any problem about your discord server, i cant see that

  9. Hi, I removed it. There were many hacks there, and I got hacked my youtube channel 3 months ago. I don´t want to put at rist my work again. You can write me here, on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube as always.

    Sorry for the inconvenience but i´s the best for me and our community.

  10. oh, i understand mate, good luck at your work

  11. Hello, there is a sort of tutorial to how apply the downloaded content?
    Also written with step by step :)

    Thank you

  12. Hello Jake, I´m recording a tutorial next week.
    Best regards and happy new year.

  13. Hello sir. i have a concern on jerseys. there is a lot of wrong jerseys id on added teams. conflicting or mismatch

  14. Hi, it says that Settings and RosterDescription files have been corrupted and can't be loaded. Is there any way to fix that?

  15. Hi, you need the latest SYNC.bin file, you can get it here:

  16. the link doesent work for tha aio download

  17. Hi BaAdShAh, it works. I just checked it. It´s uploaded in Google Drive, try it with a different browser.

  18. yo bro, i downloaded the roster for my offline nba 2k22. but some players has no shoes on. i think it's a bug

  19. Hi adrianNBA, no shoes is a bug on offline copies of the game I guess because I don´t have that. Check TGSoGood´s YouTube channel, he shows how to fix that.

  20. Can you use the roster editor tool on this roster?

  21. hello are you aware of the teams do not match their respective jersey?

    1. Hi, I´m not the author of this roster and I didn´t test the latest version (I just shared it) Did you download all the Modded Parts? A, B, C and D?
      If still has issues, you can assign jerseys with NBA 2K22 tools.

  22. I extract the A B C D files in MOD FILES.
    Then where do I paste the Cyberfaces? simply extract to mod files?

    1. Drag and drop the iff files into your Mods folder.

  23. Do you have roster for 2k21?


  24. 5.27 folder is empty please update pleaseee i need roster

  25. I though this is gonna be only classic teams as an add-in but instead it is a whole change and right now my game that I've managed to create with the mods that I like is destroyed plus that I've needed to change the roster name cause it couldn't be find as it was downloaded. I'm disappointed as well as not every classic team loaded and some of them are missing

    1. You should create a new Mods folder instead to replace your previous one. I´ve tested this roster on Steam version and it works fine. In fact, I uploaded a tutorial on YouTube.