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Friday, September 10, 2021

NBA 2K22 Loose Jerseys by VIOLENCE


NBA 2K22 Loose Jerseys by VIOLENCE

Mod info: This adds loose jerseys to NBA 2K22 PC.

You can get it at the download link below.

NBA 2K22 Loose Jerseys by VIOLENCE

How to Install Mods on NBA 2K22

Mod info: This adds loose jerseys to NBA 2K22 PC.


To install mods you need the Hook Plugin created by the modder Looyh from, this plugin includes the mods folder which is essential to include our favorite NBA 2K mods: Cyberfaces, portraits, courts, arenas, scoreboards, balls, etc. 

If you don´t know how to install Mods in NBA 2K21 PC, I recommend you to watch my tutorial on youtube hereTo install a cyberface you should watch this tutorial.

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Jrvallejera said...

Not working please make video on how we play to loose jersey's i miss loose jersey's